Hoenn Pokémon Data Has Been Spotted in a Latest Pokémon GO Update

Though it has positively forsaken off in recognition given final summer (and who could forget that trainwreck of a festival?), Pokémon GO still has a clever and constant fanbase and Niantic is penetrating on gripping them bustling with new calm from time to time. This past year saw a further of Generation II Pokémon as good as Legendary Pokémon, along with an renovate to a approach that gyms are run. Even so, it seems that Niantic could be gearing adult for another large expansion.

The Silph Road recently did a teardown of a latest chronicle of Pokémon GO and found information in a formula for 135 new class of Pokémon, all from a Hoenn region. While this doesn’t indispensably meant that a new additions are entrance soon—there are usually content files for now—it seems to prove that a developers are laying a grounds for a most incomparable refurbish in a nearby future. Perhaps before a year is out, we’ll be throwing Torchics and Flygons.

What do we think? What’s your favorite Gen III Pokémon? How prolonged do we consider it’ll be before we see them combined in? Share your thoughts in a comments below.

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