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Hitman and Dishonored may, during initial glance, seem utterly opposite games, though they have a startling volume in common. They both stress a energy of actor choice, they both have something of a concentration on secrecy mechanics, and they both give we a sandbox and a garland of collection with that we can have fun holding down your target. With Hitman 2 on a approach after this year, we got meditative about Agent 47’s long-running secrecy array and either it’s improved or worse than a (relatively) newer secrecy challenger, Dishonored.

We motionless to lay down and have a lightsome though ardent discuss about that array we prefer. Fighting for Hitman, and all things bald, is lerned murderer Oscar Dayus. On Dishonored’s pell-mell side, meanwhile, is Lucy James, who indeed spends a lot of time perched on chandeliers examination gullible targets.

Watch a video above to see how a discuss incited out. The contention starts with incidentally comparison topics, and a span disagree in support of their particular picks. Alongside a critical research from any side, there’s also some accessible fun-making and jokes during any other’s expense. Be certain to watch compartment a finish to see a quickfire round, that gets a small goofy.

Last week we discussed either rob boxes were all that bad, and Oscar came out on tip over Will Potter, with a assembly determining that, yes, rob boxes are utterly bad. Make certain to get your voice listened this week by voting for who we consider won a discuss on YouTube or by commenting down below. Check behind subsequent week for another part of Versus; new episodes dump each Wednesday during 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM BST / 11 PM AET on GameSpot.com and YouTube.

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