Hit The Lights: The Greatest Horror Video Games Of All Time

Horror games aren’t always about spilling blood. In fact, in Alan Wake, we won’t unequivocally find that most to pronounce of, though we will be jarred to your really core as we make your approach by Bright Falls, assisting this author try to lane down his wife. The story indeed has a lot going for it, though that shouldn’t be a warn given it comes from Remedy Entertainment, a group behind a early Max Payne games. But Alan Wake is a superb, tension-filled experience, one with shade demons that send your nerves into a tailspin as they come charging during you. For that matter, a burst scares enclosed here are really good done, and not only thrown in for “gotcha!” effect. And if we need an thought of only how low this knowledge goes, remember…”It’s not a lake, it’s an ocean.”

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