Here’s Why There Are So Many Pokemon Sequels These Days

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon launch subsequent month, only a year after their predecessors, Sun and Moon. Sequels are zero new to a Pokemon franchise, of course: starting with 1998’s Pokemon Yellow, any span of games in a array has perceived a third “upper” version, any of them bringing tiny improvements and changes to a bottom games’ story.

That trend continued with Pokemon Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum, before Black / White and Sun / Moon were any succeeded by dual sequels–Black 2 / White 2 and Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon. Now, in an talk with GameSpot, developer Game Freak has explained because it has motionless to go that track with a latest games, rather than a singular extended chronicle it used to opt for.

“This time around there are differences in a story between a dual versions that lead us to a split,” pronounced Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s director, Kazumasa Iwao. “But one utterly appealing aspect for us in formulating dual conflicting top versions is that we can get many some-more conflicting Pokemon and characters into a story and into a diversion itself. If we try and force all of that into a singular top chronicle afterwards a relations between characters and their interactions they have can start to get a tiny bit confused and a bit disjointed, since if we apart them into dual versions we can unequivocally concentration in and make certain there’s a clever core to a story. Splitting into dual versions allows us to pull a many from a characters in a game, and hopefully players will suffer that.”

As for which of Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon we should buy, Iwao pronounced it depends on what we wish to get out of a game. He explained: “One indicate users competence wish to cruise is that a Pokedex in Pokemon Ultra Sun is formed on a Pokedex in Pokemon Sun and a same for Ultra Moon and Moon. So if something a players are unequivocally looking for is Pokedex completion, they competence find it improved to go for a conflicting chronicle this time turn in sequence to assistance finish their Pokedex.”

However, it’s not utterly that simple. Ultra Sun and Moon writer Shigeru Ohmori went on to contend there is some advantage to selecting a same chronicle we chose final time round: “Equally if you’re looking for a story-based knowledge afterwards those who played Pokemon Sun competence wish to go for Ultra Sun as there are some tiny sum that sojourn unchanging via a dual that competence interest to people looking for a story-based game.”

Elsewhere in a interview, Game Freak common why Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon aren’t entrance to Nintendo Switch and explained how a arriving games are assisting a growth of Pokemon for Switch. The 3DS games launch on Nov 17, featuring an “alternate” story and some new Pokemon. If you’re still personification final year’s games, however, we can check out all a giveaway Pokemon and equipment we can get in Pokemon Sun and Moon right now.

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