Here’s When Pokémon GO Fest 2018 Tickets Go On Sale

Pokemon GO

If you’re looking to go to Pokémon GO Fest this year, symbol tomorrow’s date on your calendar. Tickets for a second annual Pokémon GO jubilee go on sale tomorrow, May 11 during 9:00 AM PST, and will be accessible on a central website. The Fest itself runs from Jul 14-15, though tickets will be sole as singular day passes.

Note: When we looked during a countdown clock, it seemed to be counting down to 9:00 AM EST, in my time zone. A Niantic deputy confirms that tickets indeed go on sale during 9:00 AM PST, so go by that. 

This year’s Fest is patrician “A Walk in a Park,” presumably to assistance heed it from final year’s event, that was most some-more same to “standing around, breathless and miserable in a swarming eventuality venue.” The first Pokémon GO Fest was noted by crippling technical problems, large lines and a class-action lawsuit, even if a eventuality did deliver the popular Legendary Raids.  That has to be partial of a reason for a lapse to Chicago — as Paul Tassi notes, a developer seems to be looking for a do-over. 

I have some certainty that Niantic will be means to conduct it. The developer has had a lot of time to play around with large-scale events given afterwards and successfully pulled off a comparably-scaled Pikachu conflict only a few months after a strange GO Fest. In further to addressing technical final with wireless carriers, Niantic is changing a setup. Last year’s eventuality suffered from being contained within a comparatively cramped buliding of Grant Park, for example, since this year’s will take place along a 1.8 mile prolonged walking course, that is a small some-more in line with a suggestion of a game.

Last year tickets sole out small moments after going on sale, withdrawal many fans profitable large markups on eBay and elsewhere. I’m not so certain that will occur this year: copiousness of people are still feeling possibly burnt or doubtful formed on final year, and a altogether actor bottom has expected shrunk, as well. It was a novel thing final year, with a awaiting of a first-ever Legendary Raid fueling fad along with a simple thought of a city taken over by Pokémon. This year it’s most some-more same to a customary fan con, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

That doesn’t meant it won’t sell out, of course, only that it competence not sell out utterly as fast as it did final year, or that eBay prices competence be some-more docile when those start to arrive. If you’re meddlesome in going, I’d still recommend setting that calendar sign and picking tickets adult as shortly as probable if you’d like to go.

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