Here’s Some Math To Show How Pokemon GO’s Raids Have Badly Broken The Buddy System


Pokemon GO

While we adore Pokémon GO’s new raids, there’s one aspect of their attainment that we consider is removing ignored as everybody defeats and captures a many absolute monsters in a game.

The introduction of raids into Pokémon GO has positively neutered a prior best further to a diversion before this point, a Buddy System.

The Buddy System allows we to collect one specific Pokémon, travel with them, and get candy formed on how distant you’ve gone. But what Niantic has finished is deliver a together complement that litters a map with a rarest spawns and evolutions in a game. They might be tough to kick and locate during times, though it’s positively possible, and as a result, players are aggregation these hugely absolute Pokémon en masse, negating a purpose of a Buddy System roughly entirely.

This week, a 4 notation raid netted me my initial Tyranitar, a Pokémon that formerly would have taken eons to sight and develop manually by walking a Larvitar in a friend system. That was potentially months of work and actual, earthy labor negated by a few accessible locals to assistance take him down, and a propitious chuck that held him.

But to know customarily how many “effort” assets I’m articulate about here, let me lay out some math. The time and stretch saved here is customarily startling when we indeed work it all out. Here’s some information for a stream bosses:


Pokemon GO

Tier 2 Bosses

Muk, Exeggutor, Weezing – 3 km x 50 candy = 150 km saved

Tier 3 Bosses

Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon – 5 km x 25 candy = 125 km saved

Arcanine – 3 km x 50 candy = 150 km saved

Alakazam, Gengar, Machamp – 3 km x 125 candy = 375 km saved

Tier 4 Bosses

Rhydon – 3 km x 50 candy – 150 km saved

Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise – 3 km x 125 candy = 375 km saved

Tyranitar – 5 km x 125 candy = 625 km saved

At an normal tellurian walking speed of 5 km/hr, presumption no mislaid stretch since of glitches (hah!), that’s anywhere from 25 to 125 hours per Pokémon a singular trainer locate can save you, given that we can customarily travel one friend during a time.

And of course, these are customarily a stream revolution of bosses. We will roughly positively be means to supplement a likes of Typhlosion, Meganium, Feraligatr, Gyradaos, Ampharos and Dragonite to this list in a future, in further to a array of other dual and 3 theatre evolutions. And bosses are all customarily flattering high IV Pokémon, with a possibility for ideal 100%-ers as well.


Pokemon GO

On tip of this, stuffing in a gaps for Pokémon who might never be raid bosses, is Rare Candy, where any raid can acquire we anywhere from 2-10 pieces that can now be anywhere from 2 to 100 kilometers of walking, depending on who you’re regulating it on.

You see my indicate here, right? Raiding is now so essential that it has rendered a Buddy System many useless. Why should we worry walking my Totodile a 80 kilometers left to get a Feraligatr when it’s roughly positively going to be a raid trainer soon? Why worry training adult another Dragonite when we can substantially locate a whole army of them during a subsequent trainer rotation? Why even spend time on perplexing to turn adult obtuse Pokémon like Snubbull or Tediursa to fill my Pokedex when we can customarily dump some Rare Candy into them if we unequivocally wish their developed form?

While a Buddy System used to be the premiere approach to target-train specific Pokémon, raids have thrown all of that totally out a window. The right 4 notation raid with propitious locate can literally take a place of weeks or even months of work, in a box of a powerhouse like Tyranitar.

What’s a repair here? I’m positively not seeking for raiding to be nerfed, though rather for a Buddy System to get buffed in some way. The existence of a 5 km tier during all no longer creates any volume of sense, generally since Pokémon during that turn are some-more expected than many to uncover adult as raid bosses during some point. we would start by knocking a distances down to maybe 1, 2 and 3 km instead of 1, 3 and 5 as a start. But past that, we would give a Buddy System some additional bonuses, like maybe we get a certain volume of Stardust (currently a many profitable apparatus in a diversion and something we get small of from raiding) for completing certain stretch milestones on your buddies. Every 10 km gets we 10,000 stardust, or something along those lines.


Pokemon GO

The stream friend complement has a very slight window where it’s still useful, where it can assistance we sight adult a 100% Pokémon where a contingency of removing one of those by raids is low. we wouldn’t trade my 100%, self-made Alakazam for a raid trainer imitator, for instance, even if it took 100+ km to get him. But that’s such a niche use of what is radically a good mechanic, and it needs to be buffed to be brought in line with a profitability of raids.

I will state that this again, is an emanate amplified by vital in a city. we get that folks in farming or suburban areas might customarily have entrance to one raid nearby them, if that, though where we live, we substantially have a hundred cycle by during several gyms via a day. It’s like an all-you-can-eat smorgasboard of tip tier Pokémon. But a changes I’m proposing, poignant buffs to a friend system, would be good for players no matter where they live.

Raids are a good mechanic, though they were introduced though any genuine care as to how they’d outcome a rest of Pokémon GO. They radically devalued each other aspect of a diversion from throwing furious Pokémon to egg hatching, though a Buddy System has borne a misfortune of it, going from a best underline a diversion had to something rendered roughly wholly archaic in an instant. There are ways to repair this, and we wish this is an emanate that Niantic doesn’t ignore.

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