Here’s how to seize a Ash Pikachu in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Just submit a formula soon-ish

If we wish in on an “Ash Pikachu” for Pokemon Sun and Moon, we fundamentally have between now and Oct 30 to get one. There’s 6 in all yet all with opposite death dates — though a locate is that we can usually squeeze one per duplicate of a game.

All we need to do is conduct into a Mystery Gift territory of possibly edition, click receive, afterwards form in PIKACHU20. You can find a full list of caps below, select a one that catches your fancy.

All of this is to celebrate Pokemon a Movie: we Choose You!, a 20th film in a Pokemon franchise, a re-imagining of a original Indigo League storyline. It already debuted in Japan in Jul (which, to a madness of many fans, relegated Misty and Brock to cameo appearances rather than executive characters) and is set to arrive in Nov worldwide.

Original: September 19-25

Hoenn: September 6 – Oct 2

Sinnoh: October 3-9

Unova: October 10-16

Kalos: October 17-23

Alola: October 24-30

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