Here’s How To Get Your Free Celebi In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Pokemon Gold and Silver are now accessible in a 3DS Eshop, and those who squeeze possibly of a classical titles will accept a giveaway gift: a formula for a Mythical Pokemon Celebi, that we can redeem in possibly Pokemon Sun, Moon, or a arriving Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. However, how we get your formula might not be straightforwardly apparent, so we’ve summarized a stairs you’ll need to take to accept your Celebi.

To find your code, launch a 3DS Eshop and name a Settings/Other choice from a categorical menu. From there, name Account Activity and perspective your receipt for possibly Pokemon Gold or Silver, depending on that chronicle we purchased. Your formula can be found during a bottom of a receipt. Make a note of a code, afterwards launch possibly Pokemon Sun or Moon (or Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, if we name to wait for those versions to launch) and name a Mystery Gift option. Input your code, and you’ll be means to collect your Celebi adult from a deliveryman watchful inside any of a games’ Pokemon Centers.

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While Nintendo has given divided Celebi for several prior Pokemon games, this outlines a initial time a Mythical Pokemon has been distributed for Sun and Moon. The Grass/Psychic-type comes during turn 30 and knows a following moves:

  • Heal Bell
  • Safeguard
  • Ancient Power
  • Future Sight

All players who squeeze possibly Pokemon Gold or Silver between Sep 22, 2017 and Sep 21, 2018 will accept a formula for Celebi. You have until Oct 31, 2018 to redeem it.

Celebi isn’t a usually special Pokemon that Sun and Moon players can get right now; Nintendo is also giving divided 6 opposite Pikachu, any wearing one of Ash’s hats from a anime series. However, you’ll usually be means to acquire one of them; we can find a Pikachu placement report here. Target stores will also give divided a giveaway Charizard commencement on Oct 1, and GameStop will start distributing codes for a Mythical Pokemon Marshadow a following week.

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