Here’s How To Get All These Mega Pokemon FOR FREE In Pokemon Sun and Moon

Get ready, Pokemon Sun  Moon players – a new Mega Stone eventuality is live from now until Oct 31, 2017.

All we have to do is redeem a formula DRACHE and in return, you’ll get stones for Altaria, Ampharos, Latias, and Latios.

Here’s a full details, along with what you’ll get for your troubles:

Altaria – Flying/Dragon Type (use a Altarianite mill to develop into Mega Altaria)

Ampharos – Electric Type – (use a Ampharosite mill to develop into Mega Ampharos)

Latias – Dragon/Psychic Type Legendary Pokemon (use a Latiasite mill to develop into Mega Latias)

Latios – Dragon/Psychic Legendary Pokemon (use a Latiosite mill to develop into Mega Latios)

Here’s how to redeem:

On a categorical menu, name Mystery Gift

Select Receive Gift

Select Get with Code/Password. Then strike yes, and approbation again (providing you’re on wifi of course!)

Enter your password

Receive a Mega Stones

Visit a smoothness male in a Pokemon Center to get your Mega Stones

Don’t forget to save!


While we’re on a theme of Pokémon, Pokémon Go accounts that use third celebration trackers (and by that, we meant accounts that are already flagged as cheats) won’t be means to see singular Pokémon in scanned areas. But Niantic recently got down to srs bsns and now all cheaters will get a symbol of shame.

And if we wish some-more Pokémon Go, check out this penetrate to squeeze yourself some super singular Pokemon!

– By Vikki Blake @_vixx


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