Here’s another uncanny No Man’s Sky planet, dirty with sentient lead orbs

I’m on a bit of a hurl in my scrutiny of No Man’s Sky’s new content. On Friday we found a world lonesome in hexagons, and spent some time exploring it. Today, we found a second conjuration world (which we motionless to make my homeworld), and shortly after, we stumbled on something else: a world dirty with uncanny lead orbs. Most demeanour like they’ve been forsaken and are resting on (or partially in) a planet’s surface, some are damaged in pieces, and some hover, glow, and solemnly spin.

Take a demeanour below.

There are no visitor creatures on this uncanny planet, only like a conjuration planet. The total depressed orbs (they demeanour kind of like a rollermines from Half-Life 2) can be harvested for Detrium, supposing we use a mining laser mounted on a Colossus exocraft. The cracked pieces can be mined with a customary laser.

As for a hovering orbs? They’re intense and spinning, and try as we competence we couldn’t destroy one. we attempted mining lasers, grenades, my ship’s lasers, and even outstanding true into them during high speeds. Nothing seemed to have any effect.

It’s value observant that scanning one of these orbs tells me a age is ‘Millennia’ and that a base structure is ‘Sentient’ so maybe we shouldn’t be perplexing to destroy it anyway. Nice orb. Friendly orb.

I explored a world a bit, anticipating to find interactive terminals identical to a ones benefaction on both a conjuration planets I’ve visited. As it turns out, they’re not similar, they’re accurately a same. Same figure and same messages as a conjuration planet, as distant as we can tell.

If you’re looking for some of these new planets yourself, both of a conjuration planets we detected were described as ‘Airless’ when we scanned them (also, they’re lonesome with hexes, that is tough to skip unless you’re unequivocally distant away). The rollermine world (as I’m job it) shows adult in scans as a ‘Dead Planet’. So, if your scans spin adult one of those, we competence wish to land and take a look.

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