Here’s All The Free Pokemon And Items Available For Pokemon Sun And Moon Now

The subsequent span of Pokemon games, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, are fast coming their Nov 17 recover date, and forward of their launch, Nintendo has been giving divided a ton of giveaway equipment and Pokemon for a prior Sun and Moon versions. Many of a giveaways have already ended, though there are still copiousness of singular freebies for Sun and Moon players to get their hands on.

We’ve dull adult all of a distributions that are now using for Pokemon Sun and Moon, as good as a few that will be accessible for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon when those versions launch. We’ll be updating this list as some-more giveaways are announced, so check behind mostly to see what giveaway equipment and Pokemon we can get.

Pokemon Sun/Moon Free Gifts


Shiny Silvally — Ends Nov. 13

Beginning Oct 23, players in a US and Canada can collect adult a free download formula for a glossy Silvally from GameStop and EB Games stores. The placement will run until Nov 13. Players in a UK will also have a possibility to get a singular Pokemon during participating GAME stores from Nov 3-16.


Unlike other Mythical Pokemon, a Steel/Fairy-type Magearna is accessible not by Mystery Gift, though around a QR code. After defeating a Elite Four and completing a categorical story, we can use a QR Scanner underline to indicate a next code. After doing so, revisit a Antiques emporium in Hau’oli City and collect your Magearna adult from a deliveryman watchful there. The Mythical Pokemon comes during turn 50 and knows a moves Fleur Cannon, Flash Cannon, Lucky Chant, and Helping Hand.

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Celebi — Ends Sep. 21, 2018

Players who squeeze possibly Pokemon Gold or Silver from a 3DS Eshop by Sep 21, 2018 will accept a reward download formula for a Mythical Pokemon Celebi. The formula can be redeemed in Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, or Ultra Moon. We’ve summarized a steps we need to take to find and redeem a formula here.

Charizard — DONE

Players in a US can collect adult a free download formula for Charizard from a wiring dialect in Target stores. The renouned Fire-type Pokemon comes during turn 50, is versed with a Red Card item, and knows a moves Dragon Dance, Flare Blitz, Fly, and Earthquake. As with other download codes, we need to submit your formula around Mystery Gift to accept Charizard. The placement runs until Oct 14, and we have until Feb 4, 2018 to redeem your code.

Marshadow — DONE

For a really singular time, players can collect adult a free download formula for a Mythical Pokemon Marshadow. Those in a US can get a formula from GameStop, while players in a UK will have to revisit “participating retailers.” This is a initial legitimate approach Sun and Moon players can obtain a singular Fighting/Ghost-type, that comes during turn 50 and is versed with Marshadium Z. It also knows a attacks Spectral Thief, Close Combat, Force Palm, and Shadow Ball.

Pikachu — DONE

To applaud a recover of a Pokemon series’ 20th anniversary film, Pokemon The Movie: we Choose You, The Pokemon Company is giving divided 6 opposite versions of Ash’s Pikachu for Sun and Moon. To accept a Pikachu, enter a formula PIKACHU20 in Mystery Gift. However, we can usually accept one of a 6 Pikachu, and a chronicle we get depends on when we enter a code. The full Pikachu placement report is below.

Mega Stones — DONE

Mega Stones are unusually singular and profitable in Pokemon Sun and Moon. When versed to their analogous Pokemon, Mega Stones concede it to Mega Evolve during battle, mostly changing a form and giving it a substantial stat boost. Nintendo is giving divided several batches of Mega Stones that aren’t routinely accessible in Sun and Moon, all of that are redeemable around a concept download code. Input a following codes in Mystery Gift by Oct 31 and you’ll accept these Mega Stones:


  • Mawilite
  • Beedrillite
  • Audinite
  • Medichamite


  • Pidgeotite
  • Steelixite
  • Heracronite
  • Houndoominite


  • Sceptilite
  • Blazikenite
  • Swampertite
  • Cameruptite
  • Banettite


  • Tyranitarite
  • Abomasite
  • Manectite
  • Aggronite


  • Galladite
  • Gardevoirite
  • Lopunnite
  • Diancite


  • Ampharosite
  • Altarianite
  • Latiosite
  • Latiasite

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Free Gifts

Rockruff — Ends Jan. 10, 2018

Purchase possibly Pokemon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon by Jan 10 and you’ll accept a special Rockruff as a giveaway bonus. This Rockruff will usually develop into Dusk Form Lycanroc, a new various of a renouned wolf Pokemon that is disdainful to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

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