Here’s a No Man’s Sky burble planet, and one lonesome with we don’t …

I’m still star-hopping in No Man’s Sky, and anticipating a engaging new biomes introduced in a Atlas Rises update during a fast pace. In a past integrate sessions I’ve found a second artificial ‘hex’ planet and dual planets lonesome with uncanny presumably sentient steel orbs.

This morning we came opposite dual some-more oddities. The initial was a world awash with bubbles. Big bubbles, bigger bubbles, little bubbles, middle bubbles, froth that were bigger than a large froth yet not as large as a bigger bubbles, and even some plain iron froth sitting on a planet’s surface. we named a world ‘Bubble Planet’ since we am a artistic writer.

The burble planet, like a conjuration and universe planets, have a same forms of terminals that eject semi-mysterious texts that seem to have been combined by some arrange of synthetic intelligence. The froth themselves don’t seem quite intelligent, yet even if they are, they’re froth and I’m not certain how they would arrangement intelligence. They can’t go around reading books: they have no arms or eyes or Kindles.

The iron froth can be harvested yet a pure bubbles, as distant as we can tell, can’t be popped.

Meanwhile, In a same complement as a burble planet, we found this even-stranger planet:

I don’t know what these things are, yet they’re unequivocally cold looking (you can increase a images by clicking on a upper-right corner). These things can be mined with a Colossus laser for Detrium, same as a steel orbs. Unlike a orbs, even a floating ones can be destroyed.

Like a other 3 new world types, there are no visitor creatures strolling and stumbling around on Thing Planet. These new planets are also bereft of denunciation monoliths and a standard pinch of outposts and vendors as distant as we can tell, yet they have all contained a habitable bottom if we wish to make one your new homeworld.

Is there anything else new out there? I’ll keep hunting. As always, share any new discoveries you’ve done in a comments.

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