Here we go again: John Calipari isn’t happy about Kentucky’s NCAA contest itinerary

It’s time again for that tradition distinct any other. You know, a one in that Kentucky manager John Calipari expresses, in an interesting and not-altogether-sincere way, his unhappiness with his team’s NCAA contest draw.

(Cue a violins.)

This year’s gripe? For one thing, Calipari pronounced he isn’t happy about holding a Wildcats all a approach to Idaho, sounding like they had to bound on Conestoga wagons when he joked that it would take 6 hours to get there.

“I had to ask my guys, ‘How many of we know what state Boise is in?'” Calipari pronounced in an ESPN interview.

Mississippi, utterly frankly,” Gonzaga manager Mark Few joked in a after ESPN appearance.

This time, though, Calipari might kinda, sorta have a bit of a indicate given a South Region, where a Wildcats are seeded fifth, happens to have Arizona (and intensity No. 1 altogether breeze collect DeAndre Ayton), top-ranked Virginia, Tennessee (whom Kentucky kick for a SEC contest title) and Cincinnati, a AAC winner, seeded forward of a Wildcats. (Not all of them have to go to Boise, though.)

“Is ours like a toughest again?” Calipari asked, around SEC Country. “Like, by far? Is anyone in here surprised? We’re not personification on Thursday, right? Because we only got finished personification today. We’re personification on Thursday? Oh, though we’re close?”

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