Here is what Dishonored 2 could have looked like in Unreal Engine 4

Dishonored 2 is powered by a Void Engine and as we know, this engine under-performed in that sold title. But what if Arkane’s pretension was powered by one of a triple-A engines?

Well, 3D Environment Artist, Red Freeman, has recreated a stage from Dishonored 2, giving us a glance during what that pretension could have looked like in Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.

To Freeman’s credit, a atmosphere of this distraction is identical to a genuine Dishonored 2, so acclamation to him for stay so tighten to it.

It’s too bad that Dishonored 2 will never be scrupulously optimized, and will always humour from a absurd opening issues.

But anyway, suffer a screenshots from this recreation!

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