Here Are The 45 Shinies You Should Be Hunting For In ‘Pokémon GO’ (So Far)

Pokemon GO

It seems like only yesterday that Pokémon GO was initial starting to hurl out a judgment of shinies, with everybody sport for a gold Magikarp to develop into a red Gyarados.

But now? Pokémon GO has combined so many shinies into a game, it’s tough to keep lane of them all. So I’m going to try. Pokémon GO always adds a new glossy during any Community Day event, so once per month, and that’s always been a three-stage expansion (except for Pikachu). They also now have shinies introduced during “theme” events, with one or dual new ones appearing in those, like a new Fighting-type themed eventuality going on now.

Community Day ups a possibility during a glossy from 1 in 200 something to 1 in 20 or 30 instead, though once a glossy is combined by one of these above events, it now has a possibility to uncover adult in a diversion from afterwards on out (a singular chance, though improved than a 1 in several thousand contingency of a handhelds). As of right now, there are 49 shinies in a diversion that we can collect. That’s hardly over 10% of all a Pokémon in Gens 1-3, though I’d be vacant if we had some-more than half of them, even as an zealous player.

So, here’s a full list, along with how we can get any of them. Here’s a visible guide, if you’d rather anxiety that instead.

  1. Bulbasaur (wild catch, query reward)
  2. Ivysaur (evolution)
  3. Venusaur (evolution)
  4. Pikachu (wild catch, query reward)
  5. Raichu (evolution)
  6. Magby (egg hatch)
  7. Magmar (evolution)
  8. Magikarp (wild catch, query reward, raid boss)
  9. Gyarados (evolution)
  10. Dratini (wild catch, query reward, egg hatch)
  11. Dragonair (evolution)
  12. Dragonite (evolution)
  13. Pichu (egg hatch)
  14. Togepi (egg hatch)
  15. Togetic (evolution)
  16. Mareep (wild catch, egg hatch)
  17. Flaaffy (evolution)
  18. Ampharos (evolution)
  19. Murkrow (wild catch)
  20. Wynaut (egg hatch)
  21. Wobuffet (evolution)
  22. Lugia (raid boss)
  23. Poochyena (wild catch, egg hatch)
  24. Mightyena (evolution)
  25. Makuhita (wild catch, egg hatch)
  26. Hariyama (evolution)
  27. Sableye (wild catch, raid boss
  28. Mawlie (raid boss)
  29. Aron (wild catch, egg hatch)
  30. Lairon (evolution)
  31. Aggron (evolution)
  32. Meditite (wild catch, egg hatch)
  33. Medicham (evolution)
  34. Wailmer (wild catch, egg hatch, raid boss)
  35. Wailord (evolution)
  36. Swablu (wild catch, egg hatch, raid boss)
  37. Altaria (evolution)
  38. Shuppet (wild catch, egg hatch, raid boss)
  39. Banette (evolution)
  40. Duskull (wild catch, egg hatch, raid boss)
  41. Dusclops (evolution)
  42. Absol (raid boss)
  43. Snorunt (wild catch, egg hatch, raid boss)
  44. Glalie (evolution)
  45. Luvdisc (wild catch, egg hatch)

Whew, that’s a whole garland of shinies, and some-more are combined monthly, so I’ll try to refurbish this list when we can.

Pokemon GO

My favorites are these are Gyarados, Dragonite, Lugia and Wailord, mostly due to how opposite their tone schemes are, and how many we like them generally. Some of these (looking during you, Pikachu), are hardly opposite and aren’t unequivocally anything to get vehement about.

At some point, it seems expected that Pokémon GO will unleash all shinies into a wild. The diversion files already have information for other shinies that aren’t in a diversion yet, and all Niantic has to do is flip a switch. But we doubt they’ll do it all during once, as new shinies have been a pull for events for a prolonged while now, and we don’t see that interlude any time soon.

Which of these have we caught? Which are your many sought-after?

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