Here Are 5 Great Games You Can Get Dirt Cheap During The Steam Summer Sale

Credit: Warner Bros.

Shadow Of Mordor is mud inexpensive during a Steam Summer Sale.

The Steam Summer Sale starts currently and runs by Jul 5th.

That means we have dual weeks to compensate bonus groundwork prices on a whole slew of PC games.

Here’s a few unequivocally good deals on some peculiarity titles that I’ve played and consider you’ll enjoy. Obviously there’s tons more.

1. Shadow of Mordor is 80% off.

It’s been out for a few years now, but Shadow of Mordor is still one of my favorite movement games—even if it hardly resembles a source material. Right now you can get a diversion for only $3.99, that is such a good understanding we roughly wish to buy it a second time. Naturally, a reason it’s so inexpensive is since Warner Bros. wants to get as many people personification it as they can before a sequel, Shadow of War, comes out.

2. Dishonored 2 is 50% off.

It was distant from a ideal game, though for only $19.99 now is a good time to give Dishonored 2 a playthrough. In my review, we remarkable only how muted a story was this time around. Thankfully, a gameplay itself is still terrific, a heady multiple of ultra-violence and open-world stealth.

Credit: Arkane/Bethesda

Dishonored 2 is 50% off.

3. Dark Souls III is 60% off.

I have some issues with Dark Souls III, but it’s still a good diversion and it easily blends a faster fight of Bloodborne with a some-more counsel movement of the Souls games. Now it’s only $23.99 on Steam, and it’s value each penny and more. A “Deluxe” chronicle with a DLC packs can be had for 50% off, during only over $42.

4. XCOM 2 is 67% off.

XCOM 2 had some flaws, though altogether it was a flattering clever supplement to one of my favorite complicated games. These are tactical turn-based games that array we opposite an invading visitor horde. There’s a lot of strategy, and copiousness of tears, involved. At only $19.79 it’s an comprehensive steal, generally deliberation there’s mods out there that vastly urge and enhance a game, and are totally free. Meanwhile, a initial diversion is 75% off at only $7.49, as is a massive expansion.

5. Mafia III is 63% off.

Mafia III starts off so strong, it’s kind of a contrition how rote and by a numbers it becomes. That’s because it’s tough to suggest a open-world crime diversion during full price. Still, a diversion is only so good in so many ways, we would hatred for anyone to skip it. Set in New Bordeaux, a illusory New Orleans, it deals with racism, boasts extraordinary visuals, and has a good soundtrack. If we enjoy Grand Theft Auto games, pick this one adult for only $14.79. And we can nab Mafia II for only $7.50 while you’re during it, a 75% discount.


If we suffer the Ghost Recon franchise, many of those games are on sale. Final Fantasy is also on sale opposite a board, as is Call of Duty. 

Some good RPGs are also offered for cheap, including 50% off of Tyranny and Grim Dawn, 50% off of The Witcher 3 and 60% off of both Pillars of Eternity and Darkest Dungeon.

I’m also going to collect up Hollow Knight, which we haven’t played yet, that is only 34% off though still underneath 10 bucks.

What are we removing this Steam Summer Sale? Any dark gems you’ve found?

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