Heaven on High Preview

Long-time readers of this mainstay will know that if there’s one square of calm I’m penetrating to speak about, it’s FFXIV’s Deep Dungeon. Palace of a Dead was a theme of my initial post, scarcely dual years ago, and it’s something that’s remained unequivocally tighten to my heart. we say that attack Floor 200 is one of a many gratifying activities we can do in XIV, and my eagerness to do so again now is usually dulled by a fact it caps out during turn 60.


Thankfully, Heaven-on-High, a turn 70 low dungeon, is entrance out Tomorrow (July 3rd) after what feels like an eternity. We’re finally going to get to see what lies within that large building in a Ruby Sea, and honestly? we can’t wait. Here’s all we know.

If you’re not wakeful what a Deep Dungeon is, afterwards it’s radically a randomised cave with a set trainer each 10 stages. Mob spawns and a layouts of building change from run to run. You need to transparent a certain array of enemies in sequence to swell to a subsequent stage.

This sounds simple, yet it’s formidable by patrolling enemies, traps and potentially deadly building effects. You competence finish adult on a theatre where everybody has extended metamorphosis — or on a theatre where everybody is blinded. It’s tough, yet it’s a lot of fun, and when PotD was introduced, it unequivocally pennyless a mould, charity formidable calm that was an choice to monster raiding for those that done a tour to building 200.

If we wish to plea a inheritor afterwards we have to be during slightest turn 61 to enter, and we need to have privileged a initial 50 floors of PotD as good as finished a turn 63 Ruby Sea categorical unfolding quests. Players can use a cross-world celebration finder to organisation up. As we don’t need to be during a turn tip to enter, design that you’ll be means to use a early floors to turn up, as we were means to with PotD. You’ll be means to benefit equipment including weapons from it, too, along with rob bags.

Players always start during building 1, and can't swell over building 30 unless your celebration has no wipes. Individual deaths are fine, yet if everybody is KOed on building 25, we need to start again from a unequivocally bottom to be authorised to swell any further! There’s also no matchmaking for stages after 30, definition you’ll need a premade if we wish to see a unequivocally top.

Heaven-on-High will have a possess storyline that will interpretation in a initial 30 floors. While it’s not apparent what this will involve, it will expected tie into a 4 lords query array in some way, with some of a lovable (at slightest until we speak to them) auspices display adult as associated NPCs.

The UI shows ‘special items’ that seem to be unequivocally identical to pomanders, as good as magicite. In a past, a devs hinted during something that roughly translated as a ‘grand summoning’ mechanic. Well, this magicite is for that, permitting players to call onward Garuda, Titan and Ifrit. No, not egis — a tangible primals themselves.

One of a vital criticisms of PotD was that removing to building 100 was a chore, yet a floors that followed were a lot of fun. Heaven-on-High is shorter, with usually 100 floors overall, so we might be means to make a run during building 100 in usually one day if a pacing is identical to PotD (and there’s no pledge it will be). This should slight a operation of high scores — PotD had a leaderboard, yet those who went from blemish each time dominated, notwithstanding doing so being a large duty — and also keep those early floors active.

Oh, and a many critical thing. You’ll accept a special mountain from rob bags this time, too:

That dodo is a surprisingly accurate thoughtfulness of how we feel in many raid calm in this game. It’s not as cold as a Black Pegasus from PotD… But it is my suggestion animal. we contingency have it.

All in all, Heaven-on-High looks unequivocally cool. My usually problem is reckoning out what to call it in infrequent conversation. HoH? HH? PotD2? Please leave your welfare in a comments, since I’m still perplexing to figure it out.

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