‘He wanted to check a water.’ Posing as Foxconn contractor, male steals from aged couple.

Lucille Sauder believed it when a male came to her doorway observant he indispensable to check her H2O line late Thursday afternoon. 

Sauder lives on County Line Road in Mount Pleasant, near a site for Taiwanese technology manufacturer Foxconn’s new mega factory. 

“It’s only a disaster around here in a area with Foxconn,” Sauder said. 

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Sauder had beheld H2O line work function nearby her house.

“He wanted to check a H2O since they had strike a H2O line someplace,” she said. She suspicion it might be a executive with Foxconn. Sauder let a male into her residence but seeking for ID. She pronounced he was dressed like he would be with a company.

She questioned because her H2O would be affected — a residence uses a possess well. But he insisted on using H2O to check a line. 

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The male was in a residence for about 15 to 20 minutes, Sauder said. Her father beheld a integrate of other men enter a home, too. 

Hours after as a integrate prepared for bed, Sauder pulled behind a sheets and something fell to a floor. It was a integrate of drawers from her valuables box. Her watch and adult to $1,000 in money were missing. 

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Sauder thinks they were targeted. Sauder and her husband, Elmer, are both in their 80s. He uses a walker. She needs a cane. There’s a ramp going adult to their one-story home. 

“It’s really apparent that we’re not in good shape,” she said. 

Sauder wants to be certain others aren’t targeted in a same way. “Be certain to ask for ID,” she said. “And hang right with them. we was in a kitchen and couldn’t see anybody entrance in a front door.” 

The Sauders will have to pierce soon — a couple’s home is partial of a venerable domain area for a new Foxconn factory. They’ve lived on County Line Road for scarcely 48 years. The integrate had done adjustments to stay in a one-story home such as adding a ramp to a front doorway and a walk-in shower. 

“Moving. It’s a final thing we wanted to do,” Sauder said. “But Foxconn doesn’t care.” 

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