Have we ever wondered how hospitals are evacuated in box of fire? Watch Hillingdon Hospital’s ‘Exercise Phoenix’

Have we ever wondered what it takes to leave a sanatorium in a eventuality of emergencies?

Hillingdon Hospital hold a three-hour glow cavalcade progressing this month to exam a glow preparedness in “Exercise Phoenix”, evacuating dual wards on a 8 building of a tower.

The scenario, a glow in a linen sideboard that was blazing by a building below, saw firefighters from London Fire Brigade join staff and volunteers during a sanatorium to role-play studious evacuations.

Patients who were means to travel were evacuated down a stairs, while bed-bound patients were kindly carried on to “ski pad” depletion inclination and slid down several flights of stairs by nurses, porters, managers and other volunteers holding partial in a three-hour exercise.

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The firefighters rushed adult a stairs and determined a brazen authority post and communication lines with their engine and mutual a response to a scenario.

Data collected from a practice will be used to urge Hilling Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s puncture formulation strategy.

Staff and volunteers helped slip bed-bound patients down a stairs
(Image: Hillingdon Hospital)

Andy O’Brien, a trust’s glow reserve confidant and one of a organisers, said: “The practice was an event to exam a depletion procedures, communication within a authority structure and a communication between staff, and how we pass information on to other stakeholders.

“All a volunteers took partial with good unrestrained and diligence, and worked tough to make a practice as picturesque – and therefore as profitable as possible.”

Volunteers acted as patients so a sentinel could continue to duty as normal
(Image: Hillingdon Hospital)

Emergency formulation relationship officer Jayne Austin added: “This is one of several live puncture exercises run annually during a Trust, and they are always good upheld by staff.

“We could not do it but them and we are unequivocally beholden for their help.”

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