Happy on CS:GO Team EnVyUs: ”We are creation a same mistakes again and again”

In an talk after ESL One New York, in diversion personality for Team EnVyUs Vincent ‘Happy’ Schopenhauer suggested how his organisation is struggling to repair their mistakes.

ESL One New York was a $250,000 contest that ran from a 15th to a 17th of Sep and was hold in a Barclays Center.

A sum of 8 teams competed in a Big Apple, and a final saw FaZe Clan explain feat over Team Liquid after a widespread contest run.

EnVyUs had a unsatisfactory outcome during a eventuality after being separated in a organisation theatre though a singular map win.

After a tournament, esports news and research website, Slingshot esports interviewed Happy and questioned him about a teams opening and what their aims are.

First, Happy was asked his opinion on his teams opening during ESL One New York. He replied a organisation had unsuccessful in 3 tournaments in a row, and a problems had turn apparent to see.

”It’s unequivocally tough on me given we unequivocally suspicion we could do something here, and we unequivocally wanted to do something here. We apparently didn’t. We again unsuccessful to pass a organisation stage. We didn’t get broken or anything. We had a unequivocally good quarrel opposite SK. We unequivocally had a possibility on Train opposite Na’Vi. It wasn’t enough.”

”We were unequivocally tighten to achieving something, during slightest removing one win, and we didn’t. we contend it’s flattering tough given it’s been 3 tournaments in a quarrel that we only unsuccessful completely. It’s tough. we consider we saw that we are creation a same mistakes again and again. we feel a bit mislaid given a problems are utterly evident, utterly obvious.”

In response to Happy’s answer, he was asked if it was formidable to know what a organisation can work on and repair when they are consistently creation a same mistakes.

Happy settled a miss of use was a categorical cause, and a organisation is reverting to a some-more giveaway character of play. He also mentioned that he is acid for a prolonged tenure resolution during a moment.

”We forked out mistakes and pronounced “That’s a mistake,” and as players pronounced we were going to repair that, though they never get fixed. It only is a damn contrition given we know that if we didn’t make these mistakes we would get some wins.”

”right now given a mistakes can't be avoided, we’re perplexing to come adult with a new solution, maybe personification some-more freely. ”

”Obviously we can't change all given we unequivocally did not get adequate practice. So we have to come adult to a resolution that is a ideal one in a few days.”

Then a French in diversion personality was asked about where a problems are in a organisation and what derailed a players.

Happy replied their categorical problem was coherence and due to plying in tournaments, they have not had a mangle to work this problem out of a team. He also pronounced that he is carrying to babysit his organisation given they forget strategies.

”We’re only not unchanging enough. That’s a categorical emanate within a team, so again I’m perplexing to find a approach to recompense it though being too stupid. We only miss consistency, and right now it’s about — we can’t repair it right now given we are personification tournaments.”

”But a categorical emanate is that we — we don’t know as players, infrequently they don’t remember strategies or how good we can play, so we have to constantly remind them, “this is how we do it given final time it worked perfectly.” I’m perplexing to babysit them a lot, so yeah it was not good adequate a final few weeks.”

Happy and his organisation will now contest in a ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017. They are in Group C with teams, Cloud9, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Virtus.pro. The organisation is filled with teams with something to prove, and all will be inspired for a mark in a $1,000,000 tournament’s playoffs.

The initial compare adult will be on a 22nd of Sep and will see EnVyUs face Virtus.pro. The compare is set to start during 23:00 BST (15:00 PST, 18:00 EST, 8:00 AEST).

Image credit: HLTV

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