‘Happy Days’ star Anson Williams talks near-death experience: ‘I’m so propitious to be alive’

It was about 16 years ago when Anson Williams was pushing home and scarcely mislaid his life. On a breathless prohibited day, a now 67-year-old former “Happy Days” star, who was pang from dehydration, fell defunct during a wheel.

“I finished adult bouncing around in a [California] desert,” Williams told Fox News. “I’m so propitious to be alive.”

After a incident, a actor famous by fans as “Potsie” from a strike sitcom “Happy Days” reached out to his uncle Dr. Henry Heimlich, a contriver behind a obvious technique for saving choking victims. Heimlich suggested a pill many people already have in their kitchens.


“He pronounced to cut adult lemons and whenever we felt drowsy, only punch into them,” pronounced Williams. “When a citric poison and green multiple hits a haughtiness on your tongue, it creates an evident adrenalin-reflex-body greeting that now creates we alert… we never had that problem again. we would always feel now watchful and alert.”

Williams didn’t wish to keep his pill a secret.

“My business partner and we schooled that one of a many inauspicious issues in a country, on a same sequence of guns, drugs, and drinking, is indolent driving,” he explained. “One out of 5 drivers acknowledge to descending defunct during a circle during one time. we suspicion ‘We can assistance this. We can heal this.’ we talked to Dr. Heimlich and asked if we can put lemons into mist drops… he pronounced absolutely. It’s all about a placement, a tip of your tongue. He pronounced if we get a right combination, it should work beautifully.”

Williams, along with business partner JoAnna Connell, grown Alert Drops in 2015 and it took dual years to ideal before they motionless to recover it to a open in 2017. He described a product as unstable and caffeine-free.

“It’s literally formulating a lemon in a spray,” he said. “You mist that on your tongue when you’re feeling indolent and we will now be warning and awake. Dr. Heimlich upheld divided in December, though a final few phone calls we had before, he unequivocally done me guarantee that we would get Alert Drops out to a public. He pronounced it would save some-more lives than a Heimlich maneuver.”


But it wasn’t only his near-death knowledge or even his tighten attribute with Dr. Heimlich that desirous Williams to assistance save lives. A week before Christmas in 2016, Williams was diagnosed with colon cancer.

“For a prolonged time, we would do certain things and get out of exhale easily,” he said. “It was odd. we thought, ‘Maybe we should check this out.’ we went in and a doctors found that my red blood dungeon count was a six. It’s ostensible to be 14-16. That means you’re draining out from inside. They couldn’t trust we was walking. They told me we was so anemic. we was so used to being a mess, we didn’t comprehend we was a mess! But we got it in time.”

Williams had medicine on Jan 11 and is now cancer-free. He was dynamic to be around for his 5 daughters.

“Hannah is 27, has a smashing father and dual kids, and she works for Buzzfeed,” he boasted. “… we have 4 daughters during home from 19-years-old to 10. Three are black belts.”


And while Williams is bustling these days lifting recognition on a dangers of indolent driving, he doesn’t mind still being famous best for his impasse on “Happy Days,” a array that ran from 1974 until 1984.

“When ‘Happy Days’ initial started, we suspicion timing-wise we competence do OK,” he explained. “But we also didn’t comprehend there was a special chemistry function on that show. An ‘It’ factor, a certain magic… It’s a smashing feeling we still have it around for people to enjoy… [And] we consider a tip that done a set so good was a softball team. We would transport all over a universe personification advantage games. Most of us were ex-jocks. So it was illusory in terms of gripping a organisation of actors together over a set.”

And while a uncover came to an finish over 30 years ago, a expel are still close.

“Our attribute is excellent,” he insisted. “I don’t see Ron [Howard] as most since he’s always all over, though we’re in contact. Henry Winkler, we’re in contact. Don Most, he’s 15 mins divided from me. All of us has stayed very, unequivocally close. We’re always a phone call away.”

However, he was repelled to learn Erin Moran, who starred as Joanie, died during age 56 on Apr 22.

“[In a past], she didn’t have a biggest upbringing during home,” he said. “She went by a lot of pain unnecessarily. She went by a lot of mishap and we mislaid lane of her. But afterwards only a few years ago, we got behind in hit with her and her husband. And she was unequivocally removing her life together. Really, unequivocally carrying a good direction.

“And afterwards suddenly, she was diagnosed with throat cancer. We would content since she couldn’t talk. But we was optimistic. we suspicion she was violence it. So we was only ravaged when we schooled she passed.”

Williams, along with several cast-members of “Happy Days,” secretly reunited to applaud Moran’s life.

Now he’s anticipating to assistance others in a same approach his late uncle, who upheld divided on Dec 17, 2016 during age 96, did in his lifetime.

“His truth on life is that we all die, though we need to leave behind something that doesn’t,” pronounced Williams. “He did that in a outrageous way. we would adore to follow in his footsteps and be means to leave behind something that will keep families together and forestall nonessential tragedies.”

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