Hands-on: Xbox One X review

Microsoft strictly denounced a One X during E3 2017, job it “the many absolute console ever”. That might be – you’d pattern it be improved than all before it – but will it indeed be any good? We’ve spent a bit of time personification 4K games on a Xbox One X, and here’s what we cruise about a console so far.

Separately, we’ve compared a Xbox One X to a PS4 Pro, and also a Xbox One S, so we won’t spend too many time mentioning those comparisons here.

Xbox One X: Pre-orders

Microsoft announced a launch of pre-orders during a Gamescom live stream, yet usually for a singular book ‘Project Scorpio Edition’ of a console, that includes an disdainful straight mount and has ‘Project Scorpio’ stamped on both a console and a enclosed controller.

 Unsurprisingly, it sole out roughly immediately.

Fortunately, we can now pre-order a Xbox One X unchanging edition. If you’re in a UK, conduct to GAMEAmazon, Argos and the official store; in a US check out GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, and a Microsoft store. Act quick yet – we don’t know how many batch Microsoft will have prepared for launch.

Xbox One X: Features and design

Looking during a hardware to start with, this is a smallest console Microsoft has ever made. And even yet it’s usually a small smaller than a One S, it’s celebrated deliberation it’s by distant a many absolute console on a market. Compared to Sony’s massive PS4 Pro, a Xbox One X looks sleek. 

Xbox One X Preview

That grunt comes from an AMD APU, that is fundamentally a CPU and GPU on one chip. Without going into a tedious details, sufficient to contend that a graphical energy should be a bit improved than a new Radeon RX 580, that costs between £250 and £300.

This can broach glorious 4K graphics during 60fps (but not in all games), and that’s unequivocally a categorical offering indicate of a One X.

It also goes a prolonged approach to justifying that £449 price. And don’t forget there’s a 4K Blu-ray expostulate as good – a PS4 Pro doesn’t have one of those. And for those yet super-fast internet connectors that support top-quality 4K streaming (which, let’s face it, is many people) this could indeed be useful.

The comparatively slim measure meant we should be means to cocktail a console in your TV dais yet it being quite noticeable. Plus, as you’re substantially spotted, it’s black rather than a some-more celebrated white finish of a Xbox One S.

There’s no change to a pattern of a controller, that too, is now black.

Xbox One X Preview

Unlike a PS4, a Xbox One X doesn’t seem to support VR. Microsoft hasn’t mentioned anything VR-related during a moment, yet it’s a ideal console to yield high-end VR experiences. Could we see an Xbox VR headset, or support for existent VR headsets like a Oculus Rift in future? We can usually hope. 

We do know, though, that a One X will support AMD FreeSync 2, that could be appealing if we were formulation to buy a new guard and diversion on that rather than a large TV.

Xbox One X Preview

Xbox One X: Performance

But let’s get down to a reason because a Xbox One X is so popular: a opening is phenomenal. We’ve used a 4K-enabled PS4 Pro given it was expelled during a back-end of 2016 and it simply can't review to what a Xbox One X offers.

We’ve played a handful of games on a Xbox One X, including a likes of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Forza Motorsport 7 and Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and we were hypnotised by a gorgeously minute environments and well-spoken [email protected] playback. It’s loyal 4K too, and doesn’t rest on many of a tricks that Sony uses to yield 4K gaming on a PS4 Pro.

Whether it’s exploring dry hull as Lara Croft or ripping adult Brands Hatch in Forza 7, a disproportion between what’s offering by a Xbox One X and existent consoles is night-and-day. 

It unequivocally is an considerable attainment when we cruise a distance (and price!) of a PC or laptop compulsory to yield that kind of performance! 

It unequivocally enhances a altogether gaming experience, bringing it in line with what high-end PC gamers knowledge when personification a latest title. And many like your PC brethren, many Xbox One X-supported games will offer mixed graphical options to give we a knowledge we desire.

Some gamers cite aloft framerates while others can understanding with 30fps yet adore minute textures and environments. It’s also good news for those that don’t possess a 4K TV, as a Xbox One X will offer other graphical enhancements.

Xbox One X: Launch titles

Xbox One X Preview

Forza Motorsport 7 is one of a 4K launch titles, and it does demeanour illusory regulating on a console. In fact, we discuss a Xbox One X opening in a Forza 7 review

Assassin’s Creed Origins and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will also launch with a console and support 4K.

There will be giveaway 4K updates for Halo Wars 2, Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft and Gears of War 4, with some-more than 130 games in sum receiving a ‘Xbox One X Enhanced’ titles – we can see a full list on Microsoft’s site.

Xbox One X: Should we buy one?

The answer depends on that console(s) we already own, and either we already have a absolute gaming PC.

First, though, let’s speak TVs. If we don’t have a 4K TV, we won’t get a full experience, nonetheless we will see graphical improvements. There are still a few advantages of regulating a One X on a 1080p TV, such as faster diversion loading times and HDR (if we possess one of a few non-4K models that support it) and additional graphical fealty interjection to things such as anisotropic filtering. 

The One S has Dolby Atmos sound and a 4K Blu-ray drive, so they’re not new or singular to a One X.

But if we do have a 4K TV and you’re still on an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, a One X should be really tantalizing indeed – so prolonged as you’re vehement by a launch titles.

Microsoft has realised that gamers wish retrograde compatibility, and you’ll be means to play comparison titles on a One X (as we can on a One and One S). Indeed, for 360 games it’s as elementary as inserting a disc.

But it’s a new games, and those existent titles removing a Enhanced treatment, that will be a genuine reason to dash out on a One X. 

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