Halo Wars 2’s soundtrack is now accessible as a beautiful vinyl release

Halo Wars 2 soundtrack now accessible as a beautiful vinyl release

Now we can jam out to Halo Wars 2’s stellar soundtrack as partial of a beautiful vinyl set.

In a universe now dominated by digital music, vinyl has seen a bit of a resurgence among in new years — not usually since of a sold acoustic aesthetics, though also a physicality. That recognition has bled over into a area of video games as well, with a latest recover being a special vinyl book of a Halo Wars 2 soundtrack.

The set includes all 28 marks of a RTS soundtrack widespread out over dual vinyl records. Aside from a glorious scores stoical by Gordy Haab, Brian Trifon and Brian Lee White, a looks of a set are a pull as well. The sleeve is lonesome in some flattering epic art from a game, though a annals themselves are pulpy in a flush marble that looks gorgeous.

Halo Wars 2 composers share a inside story of a game’s fantastic soundtrack

If you’re a large fan of a song in Halo Wars 2 and wish to supplement an appealing earthy recover to your collection, we can collect adult a singular book vinyl recover on Amazon now for $34.99. Additionally, a digital soundtrack for Halo Wars 2’s arriving expansion, Awakening a Nightmare, is up for preorder for $9.99.

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