‘Halo Wars 2’ News, Update: Next DLC during E3? 343 Teases What to Expect

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Developer 343 Industries has something to showcase during a arriving Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017 and many trust it has something to do with “Halo Wars 2.”

(Photo: 343 Industries)A promotional picture for “Halo Wars 2.”

“Halo” village manager Brian Jarrard suggested on Reddit that they have something for fans during a gaming convention, though done certain to set their expectations on what it will be.

“I’ll trip into my Dreamcrusher persona for a notation in a name of picturesque expectations: We’ve pronounced this already though we’ll have a small something during E3,” he teased.

“But it’s not associated to a subsequent vital entrance in a franchise,” Jarrard went on to say. This means that “Halo 6” will not be partial of 343’s display during E3, though “Halo Wars 2” could be.

Microsoft has also already suggested that a remaster of “Halo 3” for a decade anniversary this Sep is also not designed so there is usually so most left to speak about involving a “Halo” franchise.

Gamepur suggests that a developer’s E3 display could engage downloadable calm (DLC) for a real-time plan sequel. After all, 343 Industries has been operative on a new enlargement for a while now.

Jarrard supposing an refurbish on a DLC in a post on Halo Waypoint announcing Dan Ayoub’s depart from 343 Industries to be partial of a Microsoft Mixed Realty division.

The village communications manager positive “Halo Wars 2” and a arriving DLC “are in a protected hands of Dan’s team, with “some smashing DLC and other surprises still to come.”

He also suggested that they are “testing and polishing [the DLC] in credentials for launch,” a outcome of that should assistance them establish a recover date.

“It will count on a final exam pass and removing a calm by cert — but so distant things are surpassing nicely,” Jarrard wrote.

“We’ll really yield some-more sum as shortly as we have them. In a interim, we consider I’m authorised to contend that a subsequent personality will be on a UNSC side,” he teased.

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