Halo Wars 2: how Xbox One X compares to bottom hardware and PC …

If there’s one aspect of Xbox One X coverage we’ve nonetheless to try in abyss so far, it’s how extended first-party titles review with existent PC and Xbox One versions of a same game. For example, all selling of a pleasing Forza Motorsport 7 has been on X hardware, while other titles such as Sea of Thieves have usually been demoed so distant using on a Xbox One S. The good news is that during Gamescom, we were given entrance to an early build of Halo Wars 2 using on Xbox One X, and armed with 4K approach feed capture, we’re means to offer an early demeanour during scalability on an determined Xbox Play Anywhere title.

The formula are formally impressive, yet of course, we are looking during early Xbox One X formula so we should pattern to see some changes and improvements before a extended chronicle releases in November. We usually have really singular comparison points so distant – radically formed around a educational and a initial goal – yet there are areas where Xbox One X looks softened than a maxed-out PC experience, yet possibly this down to work-in-progress lighting bugs or by counsel pattern stays to be seen.

However, a crux of a matter is fortitude and a border to that Xbox One X beam adult compared to bottom hardware – and this is rather essential for a pretension like Halo Wars 2. Real-time plan games are abounding in detail, and a ‘god’s eye’ viewpoint of a area advantages tremendously from a increasing pixel-count, possibly we’re articulate about perplexing turf detail, blaster glow or a units themselves. Comparing Halo Wars 2 on X to bottom hardware sees a thespian boost to altogether fact level; local 4K is delivered and it’s an huge ascent over a 1080p original.

Here’s a Halo Wars 2 Xbox One X video preview – do bear in mind that this prisoner from a Gamescom build and approaching doesn’t entirely paint final code.

Beyond resolution, differences between bottom Xbox One, PC and a new X hardware are harder to find. One bewail is that video cinematics are a same as they ever were – dense 1080p in inlet and nowhere nearby a peculiarity of a local 4K digest found in-game. There are also some extraordinary lighting differences. In-game, a few light sources (specifically some car and sourroundings spotlights) are blank on Xbox One X that are benefaction on a other systems. This competence also explain because one stage in a educational appears to be solution some-more shade fact on Xbox One X – beyond spotlights benefaction on a other versions are absent or during slightest altered on a Gamescom X build. Alternatively, a developer competence have usually tweaked lighting chain – certain scenes in a educational usually demeanour softened on Xbox One X, as a comparison zoomer shows serve on down this page.

But there’s no doubt during all that a developer has delivered a full, local 4K display here and lighting differences aside, Xbox One X is radically on standard from a visible viewpoint with a PC diversion using entirely maxed out during ultra HD resolution. Texture work and effects fealty are a match, for example, and while approach comparison points are tough to come by with a element we have, there’s no clarity that impending Xbox One X owners are going to be shortchanged in terms of a abounding visuals.

However, as we competence expect, a pivotal disproportion compared to PC comes in terms of performance. As a real-time plan title, Halo Wars 2 is unequivocally many CPU-driven in a many epic battles, so as expected, a Xbox One X build operates during 30fps with an adaptive sync in play, screen-tear manifesting when a engine can’t accommodate a 33ms per-frame describe budget.

A boost to local 4K severely improves picture peculiarity on Xbox One X over bottom hardware in terms of sharpness and clarity. Also note that alpha transparencies for leaflet and other greenery are also rendered during full fortitude on Xbox One X, relating top-end PC settings here.

In this scene, a car and railings casts some-more graphic shadows, while a lighting appears reduction abrasive. It competence simply be a box that a dual vital spotlights are absent, causing a disproportion – or else there competence be tweaks in this after build of a game.

In a initial mission, light sources are absent for elements like headlights on a Warthog and lamps on a buildings. It’s an peculiar omission, suggesting that this is a pointless bug rather than an conscious change and competence explain a changes we saw in a before comparison shot.

One aspect of a display that could be softened on both Xbox One X and PC concerns a cutscenes. Displayed as 1080p videos, these humour from density and application artefacts, that hang out opposite a crisp, primitive 4K gameplay visuals.

In this sense, a diversion is utilising a accurate same set-up found on a bottom Xbox One, and while opening dips are tough to come by in a early levels we took a demeanour at, a quite eventful bomb eventuality did see a frame-rate drop underneath a target. There’s a graphic miss of approach A to B contrast probable in a energetic pretension like this, yet a clarity is that Xbox One X is possibly on standard or somewhat slower than a bottom complement – yet of course, let’s remember that this is an unprepared build not unequivocally designed for full-on Digital Foundry scrutiny.

As things stand, initial impressions advise that Halo Wars 2 looks set to broach accurately what Microsoft set out to grasp with a pretension – a entirely featured pier with a 4x boost to fortitude that offers a night and day alleviation to clarity, delivering sold advantages for this character of game. In revisiting Halo Wars 2 opposite a existent formats, a X formula is charity PC’s best display – or something unequivocally tighten to it – and usually falls brief in terms of 60fps and controller support.

The master of a artistic kill
Making a killing.

The master of a artistic kill

Inevitably, these are dual areas where PC still commands a large advantage for this character of game. The consoles’ 30fps aim lacks a pointing feel and fluidity of a PC build using during twice a frame-rate, and quick parallel transformation opposite a turf is significantly some-more jerky on a console versions. Similarly, Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One and X lacks keyboard and rodent support, an submit complement that dramatically improves a real-time plan genre in general, and this is apparently entirely implemented on a existent PC game.

As things stand, a takeaway from a initial Halo Wars 2 hands-on is roughly reassuringly non-eventful. The pivotal sell for Xbox One X extended titles is that you’re removing a giveaway ascent for your existent library that leverages a new hardware with 4K displays in mind, and lighting changes/bugs aside, that looks to be accurately what’s delivered here in this early build. We’ll be stating behind during launch with a some-more strong exam of Halo Wars 2’s opening turn and visible underline set, yet so far, we like what we see.

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