Halo Wars 2 Gets New Patch; Awakening a Nightmare Launch Trailer Released

Today, developers 343 Industries and Creative Assembly expelled a code new patch for their game Halo Wars 2.

First and foremost, a patch adds dual new maps, Mirage and Fissure, as good as a new Spectator Mode, which, as a name suggests, allows other players to watch tradition matches. This mode will embody a new HUD, as good as a ability to possibly follow specific players, or watch a compare around a giveaway cam.

Besides those new pieces of content, a patch also changes a series of opposite stats for certain equipment within a game.

In further to a patch, a code new trailer for a game’s newest expansion, Awakening a Nightmare, was also expelled arrangement off both a integrate of pre-rendered cutscenes, as good as some gameplay from a expansion’s new modes and enemies.

Halo Wars 2: Awakening a Nightmare was strictly expelled today, Sep 26, 2017, and costs $19.99. The enlargement is not a partial of a game’s deteriorate pass, definition all players will have to spend a bit of additional income on it.

Halo Wars 2 was creatively expelled on Feb 21, 2017, and is accessible on Xbox One and Windows PC.

You can check out a aforementioned trailer, and a full patch records below:

Two new multiplayer maps are accessible for giveaway to all Halo Wars 2 players!

  • 2v2 map, “Mirage”
  • 3v3 map, “Fissure”

Introducing Spectator mode! This all new underline lets players spectate tradition matches with customized HUD, diversion info and controls.

  • Select that actor we wish to follow
  • Toggle between following a actor and giveaway camera modes


  • Attack pierce Command – conflict pierce issues a authority to rivet any enemies encountered on a approach to a specific indicate on a map. Units released this pierce authority will continue to rivet any enemies they confront until a enemies are killed or a units that were released a conflict pierce authority die. The units will ensue to a specified indicate after they finish enchanting with a enemy. Press a “`” pivotal and afterwards “LMB” on a preferred plcae to activate conflict pierce on a PC. Hold a “X” symbol until it blinks on a preferred plcae to activate conflict pierce on a Xbox One.
  • Queued Movement Command – Players can now emanate churned queued orders to their units to follow. Hold “SHIFT” and “RMB” to activate emanate churned queued orders on a PC. Hold “RT” and daub a “X” symbol to emanate churned queued orders on a Xbox One.
  • Hold Position Command – We have combined a new authority permitting players to emanate a reason position sequence to their units. To activate reason position on a PC, name any section and press a “H” key. To activate a reason position authority on a Xbox One, reason “RT”, name a section and double daub “LB”.
  • Building Command Groups – Now we can supplement a building to authority groups. To supplement a building to a authority organisation on a PC reason “CTRL” and “MMB” over a building we would like to supplement to a authority group. Then strike “CTRL” and a series of a control organisation we would like to supplement a building to. You can set a convene indicate with “Y” and open a building’s radial menu with “R”. To supplement a building to a authority organisation on a Xbox One, reason “RT” and press “LB” over a building we would like to supplement to a authority group. Once comparison we can allot a building to a authority organisation like normal regulating “RT and a “Dpad”. The “Y” symbol will open a building’s radial menu when a authority organisation is selected.

PC Only

  • Keyboard by-pass icons have been combined to any petal on a radial menus
  • The PC controls frontend menu has been overhauled to urge a user experience.
  • Players can now allot a delegate pivotal when mapping PC controls

Scarab ‘Y’ ability (Shield) backed as partial of fixes for invincibility issue.Archer Missiles costs reduced for all levels

    • Level 1 cost reduced 450/275 to 300/200
    • Level 2 cost reduced 550/400 to 400/300
    • Level 3 cost reduced 650/525 to 500/400

Glassing Beam cost reduced and DPS and speed improved

    • Level 1 DPS augmenting +20%
    • Level 2 DPS augmenting +6%
    • Level 1 cost reduced 400/250 to 300/200
    • Level 2 cost reduced 500/385 to 400/300
    • Level 3 cost reduced 600/500 to 500/400
    • Beam speeds during all levels augmenting +6%.

Wraith Scorch

  • Same sum damage, though over a shorter generation of time
  • Duration 15s – 10s
  • DPS augmenting +50%

Changes to all mines:

      • Mines are now tougher
      • All mines have a tiny spotting range
      • All mines understanding a tiny volume of repairs and trigger effects even when not armed
      • Damage to Heavy (Tier 3 Tanks) augmenting +40%
      • Damage to Cover augmenting +70%
      • Damage to all Heroes augmenting +50%
      • Damage to Medium (Tier 2 Vehicles) augmenting +30%
      • Damage to Buildings reduced -50%
      • All mines advantage from Fortify upgrades, augmenting their HP and damage
      • All mines seem on a Minimap

Jerome’s Victory Mine:

      • Inspire clean radius augmenting +25%
      • Buff generation augmenting 15s – 25s
      • Uses scold Inspire values (15% – 12%, in line with a prior Inspire reduction)
      • HP augmenting 100 – 300/400
      • Now slows targets

Lotus Mines:

      • Now Slow targets

Plasma Mines:

  • Now leave behind a plasma Damage Over Time on detonation

Ambush Mines:

      • HP augmenting 100 – 350/450

Stasis Mines:

      • HP augmenting 100 – 300/400

Corruption Mine:

      • HP augmenting 300/400 – 400/500

Cryo Mine:

      • HP augmenting 100 – 300/400

Scout Mine:

      • HP augmenting 100 – 300/400
      • Line of Sight augmenting +33%/+43%

Frostraven survivability and efficacy improved

    • HP augmenting +10%
    • Range augmenting +25%
    • Chill vs non-buildings augmenting +20%/+20%

Glacial Storm visible and gameplay efficacy improved

    • Visual improvements
    • Drops periodic Frost Bolts that understanding a tiny volume of chill and damage
    • Chill vs non-buildings augmenting +20%

Mastodon opening softened and costs reduced

    • Acceleration augmenting +33%
    • Turn rate augmenting +11%
    • Population Cost reduced 4 – 3
    • Supply cost reduced 300 – 250

Phantom costs reduced

    • Population Cost reduced 4 – 3
    • Supply cost 275 – 225


  • Corrected emanate that prevented arrangement of full personality names in Season Service Record screen.
  • [PC] Fixed emanate that prevented units from being highlighted when too many section forms were selected.
  • Personal arrange information now being displayed rightly in Leaderboards.
  • [PC] Increased a series of keys that a Ease of entrance content window can now be reserved to.
  • Fixed emanate that caused detriment of camera control when shutting Radial Menu by clicking on a Minimap.
  • Most successful personality formula now being displayed accurately in Service Record screen.
  • [PC] Fixed emanate causing rodent to turn nonchalant after marquee selecting a section preference bar.
  • [Controls] ‘Hold Position’ section authority altered to RT + Double-Tap LB to discharge issues with it incidentally triggering Fast Camera movement.
  • Correct symbol multiple now shown for ‘Select Building’ (RT + LB) in Advanced Controls screen.
  • [PC] Using G + Left Click on Minimap no longer displays ping plcae outward of playable area.
  • [Strongholds] Fixed emanate causing Lotus Mines and Plasma Mines to be sealed in personality energy Radial Menu.
  • [Blitz Firefight] Fixed emanate that could infrequently uncover 0 time played in Blitz Firefight Leaderboard.
  • [Blitz] Fixed emanate that could outcome in Quickmatch players being be combined to 3v3 Blitz matches rather than 2v2.


  • [Strongholds] Fixed emanate that was divulgence Strongholds taken by opponents by Fog of War.
  • Fixed emanate causing leader-specific units and powers to describe textures improperly or blacked out.
  • Fixed an emanate that authorised a Scarab to turn godlike while being influenced by a buff/debuff.
  • Fixed emanate causing aggressive Banished Ranged units to omit commands when interconnected with Melee units.
  • Move commands to churned section groups no longer miscarry special abilities (jump, ram, deploy, etc.) now in progress.
  • Heavy Grunts no longer turn nonchalant when regulating Party’s Over special ability.
  • Fixed emanate that could outcome in Spartan units not exiting Hijacked vehicles if systematic to exit over burst range.
  • Grunt Shrapnel Mine ‘Y’ ability responsiveness improved.
  • Fixed occasional emanate that caused Grunts to fast trigger Power Node capture.


  • Correct subtitles are now displayed during Mission 06 (Stealthy Spartans) intro cut scene.


  • Improvements to altogether diversion opening and stability.

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