‘Halo Wars 2’ does not have cross-platform support, here’s why

  • 343 Industries studio conduct Dan Ayoub unveils 'Halo Wars 2' during Microsoft's press discussion Jun 13, 2016 in Los Angeles.

343 Industries studio conduct Dan Ayoub unveils ‘Halo Wars 2’ during Microsoft’s press discussion Jun 13, 2016 in Los Angeles. (Photo : Kevork Djansezian)


“Halo Wars 2,” a supplement to a rarely rated “Halo Wars” combined by Bungie, was announced to arrive on Xbox One and PC during Microsoft’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) press conference. However, it was suggested that it will not have support for cross-platform play.

Studio conduct Dan Ayoub of 343 Industries, a developer in assign now of a franchise, told Eurogamer their goal of putting cross-platform support, though motionless opposite it during a finish due to timing.

“Cross-play is something we were looking during early on in development,” pronounced Ayoub. “We’ve been in growth given 2014. But as we looked during a timing and a pattern decisions, we focused on some opposite things that fundamentally became Xbox Play Anywhere.”

Xbox Play Anywhere allows players to play their digital diversion on both platforms, no matter that height they downloaded a diversion on. It also allows players to save on one platform, contend a Xbox One, and bucket a save record into a other platform, that in this box is Windows PC. Interchanging platforms do not have an outcome on swell and achievements.

The news comes as a beating to fans who were awaiting a feature, generally after “Forza Horizon 2,” an open-world racing diversion for a Xbox 360 and Xbox One, was announced to have support for cross-platform play.

However, Ayoub did not boot a probability of it entrance to a “Halo” franchise.

“Cross-play is something we’re vehement about potentially down a line and we’re looking during that for a franchise, though in a ‘Halo Wars 2’ timeframe, we’re focusing on Play Anywhere,” he said.

In other news, 343 Industries suggested that a dual categorical characters shown in a E3 trailer were opposite from 2009’s “Halo Wars” chronicle of a categorical characters Cutter and Andres.

The developer minute in a Halo Waypoint blog post that they are opposite “for both casting and technical reasons.” 343 explained that a characters were combined in 2008 regulating 2007 technology, that “looked illusory during that time.”

Since then, they have leaped brazen to achieve a finish result, that they explain to be improved in terms of soak in a story and credibility.


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