Halo Wars 2 "campaign cutscene" trailer revealed

The Halo Wars 2 “campaign cutscene” video that done a entrance over a weekend during RTX doesn’t uncover off any new gameplay, though it does a good pursuit of environment a list for an all-new RTS throwdown between amiability and a squad of indignant aliens. 

The tellurian side of a dispute is represented by a organisation of a Spirit of Fire, that has been awakened after scarcely 30 years of cryosleep. Alas, they are welcomed behind not by their UNSC brethren, though by a Banished, a arrange of post-Covenant crush organisation that isn’t too happy with a approach a star is moulding up. And as usual, nobody seems all that terribly meddlesome in articulate it out. 

Halo Wars 2 is set for recover on Feb 21, 2017, and there will be a pre-release beta, nonetheless not for awhile yet. For now, we can see a Windows 10 chronicle of a diversion in movement pleasantness of Dan Ayoub’s presentation during a PC Gaming Show during E3. 

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