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The Awakening a Nightmare enlargement for Halo Wars 2 is an intense, action-packed tour by a terrors of Halo’s barbarous Flood. Complete with a new campaign, dual new leaders, and a new mode, it’s some-more than any Halo Wars 2 fan could ask for.

Halo Wars 2’s final form of downloadable calm (DLC) is, yet a doubt, a best. Whether you’re a long-time Halo maestro who has been failing to see a Flood behind in a universe, or a visitor to a authorization who wants to learn about what a hype around a ancient bug is all about, Awakening a Nightmare will take we on a float that we won’t forget — with a few tiny caveats.

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Story: Bring a Banished to bear on a terrifying Flood

Awakening a Nightmare tells a story of a unfortunate attack as a Banished quarrel for presence opposite a Flood onslaught.

In Awakening a Nightmare, we play as dual Brute brothers that offer underneath Atriox: Pavium and Voridus. As Voridus creates his approach to a disadvantage of a heavily-damaged High Charity from Halo 3 to hunt it for booty and cache from a Human-Covenant War, Forerunner Sentinels desperately try to keep him from going inside.

After pulling by hundreds of a machines, Voridus finally manages to strech High Charity and enters a debris. However, instead of treasure, Voridus instead finds a Flood. Realizing that this was what a Sentinels were perplexing to contain, both Pavium and Voridus join army and do their best to kick behind a clearly unstoppable Flood.

This narrative, like a customary story of Halo Wars 2, is simple, yet that’s fine. It has a gratifying beginning, middle, and conclusion, and a morality of a categorical design of presence is suitably interconnected with a heartless ferocity of a Flood. Thanks to a amiable characters and glorious pacing to support this, a essay behind this enlargement is solid.

Gameplay: The Halo Wars 2 formula, with twists

The levels of Awakening a Nightmare will make any Halo Wars 2 player, maestro or rookie, reevaluate how they play a game.

As we competence expect, fighting a Flood would be many opposite than fighting required infantry forces. Halo Wars 2 recognizes this, and crafts 5 glorious levels that take a normal Halo Wars regulation and spin it on a head. Between periodic retreats as positions are overrun, navigating a Flood-infested area with a small, cat-like attack team, or perplexing to change your resources between section upkeep and a vast cavalcade that we need to energy adult in sequence to survive, any goal in Awakening a Nightmare is a code new approach to play Halo Wars 2.

This adds a new form of severe gameplay to a game. Forcing we to consider outward of your comfort section to quarrel this new hazard unequivocally creates we recur a approach a diversion is played. Conventional strategy don’t work here; usually a big commanders will tarry a Flood.

This form of creativity is something that we would kill to see in other games, opposite all genres. Where other expansions typically offer an knowledge that is a delay of a bottom game’s formula, Awakening a Nightmare isn’t fearful to deliver code new threats that, in turn, need code new tactics. In many ways, a a exhale of uninformed air.

One tiny issue, though, was a occasional difficulty about what to do. There are a few objectives here or there opposite that a diversion doesn’t explain to we good during first, yet it’s is discerning to indicate your charge out if we don’t make swell in completing it for a time.

Multiplayer: Wield a energy of Voridus and Pavium

In further to a stellar singleplayer experience, Awakening a Nightmare also provides we with dual enlargement disdainful leaders in Voridus and Pavium. Here’s a brief outline on a playstyles and strengths of each.


Voridus is an aggressive, early-game attacker. His whole playstyle revolves around Infusion, a singular form of plasma jelly usually accessible to him. Every one of a collection during his disposal, from his possess produce to a personality powers that he possesses, creates pools of Infusion (varying in size) that delayed down and bake any rivalry units that brave to enter them.

In addition, Voridus also has singular variants of several Banished units, such as a Engineer and Scarab, that can widespread Infusion. Lastly, Voridus has a special section usually he can field: Brute Grenadiers. These artillerymen glow their grenade launchers during a rivalry from range, and they’re means to catch Infusion in sequence to urge their statistics in battle.


Whereas Voridus’s strengths distortion within his aggressiveness and candid attacking, Pavium specializes in tactical supremacy by calm and singular tech. One of these special technologies accessible to Pavium is a Mega Turret. Requiring a customary building container due to a large size, a Mega Turret is a gargantuan artillery device that can launch harmful plasma torpedoes during foes.

Another of Pavium’s abilities is a Orbital Designator, that allows Pavium to perspective a comparison area within a Fog of War (black areas where units are out of operation from) for a brief time. This allows Pavium to remotely scout, as good as yield a sightline for allies to prohibited dump infantry such as ODSTs or Spirit ships. Several some-more singular and effective collection wait those who select to play as Pavium.

Both leaders are a blast to play, and we don’t consider that possibly of them are captivated during all. As usual, Creative Assembly has finished an glorious pursuit of balancing new leaders.

Terminus Firefight: Endless waves of armies

Terminus Firefight allows players to put their defensive skills to a exam — and exam them it does.

The new mode introduced in Awakening a Nightmare is Terminus Firefight, in that we (and potentially 3 other friends) face hordes of UNSC, Banished, and (you guessed it) Flood units that have usually one goal: drop of your base. Armed with your units, new forms of defensive structures, and your wits, we make your final stand.

Honestly, Terminus Firefight is accurately what you’d expect, that is a wave-defense mode with Halo Wars 2 mechanics. And while a horde-mode regulation has been finished to genocide by now, Terminus Firefight is but a unequivocally fun experience. Whether we wish to use your invulnerability skills, or simply only wish to kill a lot of units, Terminus Firefight is a new and interesting experience.

Art and music: The Flood evolved

Artistically, Awakening a Nightmare introduces code new forms of Flood forms and types, while gripping a ones benefaction in a strange trilogy of Halo games. This is an glorious approach for a developer 343 to incorporate new artistic designs into Halo, and it’s so good to see that they’ve managed to steadily develop a strange style.

Awakening a Nightmare also got a possess score, and it’s a good one. While there’s zero mindblowing, a song is really wise and helps supplement to a atmosphere of a story and gameplay.

Performance: How does it run?

For a many part, a enlargement runs excellently. However, we ran into some bad support rate drops during sequences in that there was a high volume of molecule effects and animations occurring on screen. Thankfully though, these moments were proxy and uncommon.

Halo Wars 2: Awakening a Nightmare examination conclusion

Halo Wars 2: Awakening a Nightmare is a glorious enlargement that closes out a game’s DLC report with a bang. Between a artistic levels, fun and elementary story, useful and absolute multiplayer leaders, and severe Terminus Firefight mode, Awakening a Nightmare is a peculiarity knowledge we don’t wish to miss.



Halo Wars 2: Awakening a Nightmare is accessible now for $19.99. You will need a duplicate of Halo Wars 2 in sequence to play. It is playable on Xbox One and PC.

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This product was reviewed on an Xbox One.

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