Halo Wars 2 adds "more of normal bottom invulnerability firefight"

Just before to a proclamation of this fall’s enlargement of Halo Wars 2, Awakening a Nightmare, we had a discuss with executive writer Barry Feathers who talked to us about of a components found in pronounced expansions, a Terminus Firefight.

“It’s some-more of a normal bottom invulnerability firefight. You build bases, we can use all a leaders that we’ve had in all a DLC that we’ve expelled adult until this point. Different strategies. We’re adding barricades that is a new defensive structure and it’s only about how prolonged can we survive. How prolonged can we last? What new techniques are we contracting to final only that small bit longer?”

Awakening a Nightmare will also embody new story debate goal where a Banished take on a Flood, as good as new cinematics. There will also be new multiplayer maps (available to all players), as good as new leaders.

Halo Wars 2

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