Halo: Rise of Atriox #1 Review

Dark Horse’s latest incursion into a Halo star is also one geared towards a new recover of Halo Wars 2. Halo: Rise of Atriox is an anthology mini-series tasked with shedding light on a game’s categorical knave and his arise by a Covenant ranks. The array gets a start with a fit and action-packed initial chapter, yet it doesn’t do a good understanding to strength out a suggested villain.

Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Eric Nguyen concentration on a “horrors of war” angle with this issue, hinging their story on a smashed organisation of UNSC infantryman fighting a losing dispute opposite unconstrained waves of Covenant troops. There’s a tangible clarity of recklessness and futility to this conflict, adequate that a reader is means to bond with these soldiers notwithstanding their ubiquitous miss of specifying qualities. This emanate is not distinct Halo: Reach in that regard, that managed to paints a Spartan leads as constrained heroes notwithstanding a minimal concentration on impression development. The categorical protagonist, Sergeant Kress, stands out generally good as she reluctantly embraces her purpose as autocratic officer heading a organisation of passed group walking.


It’s not that Atriox comes opposite as a bad knave in this issue, though rather that diminutive usually see him by Kress’ perspective. Atriox has no discourse of his own. He’s merely embellished as an ominous, unstoppable force of inlet fast whittling down a shrinking UNSC survivors. He’s positively commanding as he cuts a swath of destruction. But a same could be pronounced for many Brutes. There’s small in a context of this emanate alone to prove what creates Atriox a truly singular enemy. Hopefully, destiny installments will do some-more in that regard.

Nguyen’s gritty, murky art helps serve a generally bleak, destroyed tinge of a story. The washed-out colors serve minister to that tone. Nguyen has no difficulty capturing a raging movement of a games, generally late in a emanate when a final few survivors make their unfortunate bid for survival. The one genuine smirch in Nguyen’s art is a fact that infrequently total and vehicles feel divorced from their environments. One row in sold facilities a series of Brutes using opposite a muddled, equivocal craft and loses all clarity of viewpoint as a result.

Rise of Atriox gets off to a mostly beguiling start in a initial issue. The creators paint a dour design of a few untimely soldiers creation their final mount opposite an strenuous enemy, that is something a Halo authorization mostly does well. At a same time, while this emanate paint Atriox as an unstoppable force of nature, it creates no bid to try him in any depth. Future installments need to do some-more to change movement with clever characterization.

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