Guide for Returning Pokémon GO Players (2018)

If you’re reading is, chances are high that you’re entrance behind to Pokémon GO. Well, acquire behind Trainer, let’s get we onboard as fast as we can. In this guide, we’ll go over a facilities introduced in 2018, with references to Hub’s essay where we can learn some-more about them. Brace yourself, it’s going to be a fun float — Pokémon GO has altered a lot given final time we picked it up.

P.S. This essay heavily uses Andrew Goldfarb’s (IGN) now mythological Twitter thread about Pokémon GO, check it out!

Generation III and Shiny Pokémon

Let’s flog off this beam with a bang: a whole new era of Pokémon and a array of  glossy forms are available! Generation III has been released, bringing some-more than 130 Pokémon to a game. In addition, a vast array of Pokémon now has glossy forms that are permitted by constraint encounters.

We advise we conduct over to a Generation III hub for some-more a full list of Gen 3 Pokémon and to a List of Shiny Pokemon in Pokémon GO and where to find them for glossy Pokémon. Also, don’t be fearful of a Alolan Exeggutor, it was usually quickly available.

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Weather system

Pokémon GO now supports in-game continue conditions, that corresponds with genuine continue around you. Each continue condition boosts sold Pokémon form spawns and moves.

Weather spawns have a following features:

  • Can seem as Level 6 – Level 35 Pokémon (normal spawns usually go adult to Level 30)
  • Guaranteed minimal IVs: 4 ATK / 4 DEF / 4 STA
  • Reward 25% some-more Stardust per catch
  • Have a opposite parent animation around them (“white smoke”)

Additionally, moves increased by continue effects deal 20% some-more damage.

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Field Research

Field Research is a new form of questing that is permitted on PokéStops. The Field Research systems sends we on missions and tasks with opposite rewards. You can obtain one Research Stamp each day by completing a Field Research assignment.

Field Research rewards include:

  • Various items: PokéBalls, berries, Stardust, Rare Candy
  • Pokémon encounters:
    • the Pokémon can’t flee
    • the Pokémon is always Level 15
    • the Pokémon can’t be continue boosted
    • you use your possess PokéBalls and Berries for throwing it
    • thematically tied to a Field Research assignment and / or stream in-game events

You can do as many Field Research assignments per day as we want, though we can usually get one Stamp. By collecting 7 stamps, we clear a weekly investigate reward: a Legendary Pokémon encounter.

Field Research Pokémon GO

Mythical Pokémon and Special Research

You’ve review it right: Mythical Pokémon are now permitted in Pokémon GO. Well, Mew during least. Similarly to Field Research, a Special Research complement is a array of story driven query bondage that lead to unlocking a Mew encounter.

We don’t wish to spoil a story, though we can check a whole Quest sequence on our Mew Quest Guide: A Mythical Discovery guide.

Additionally, review through Mew’s Most Useful Move sets for some-more info about Mew’s use and pierce sets.

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Raids and EX Raids

Raids are a outrageous subject in Pokémon GO, as they are a form of organisation play and they concede players to conflict formidable Legendary Raid bosses and useful Pokémon in reduce turn raids. Once defeated, players can constraint Raid bosses in a post-raid constraint encounters:

Raids come in 6 opposite forms:

  • Level 1 — easy solo raid
  • Level 2 — formidable solo raid
  • Level 3 — easy organisation raid (1-2 players)
  • Level 4 — formidable organisation raid (2-3 players)
  • Level 5 — mythological raids (5-6 players)
  • EX Raids — special, invitation usually raids, that underline a Mewtwo

In sequence to raid, we need to have a raid pass. These come in dual shapes: a giveaway daily raid pass and reward raid passes convenient in a store.

Free Pass
EX Pass
Normal Raid Pass Pokemon GO
Exclusive Raid Pass

As mentioned earlier, if defeated, players can constraint a raid trainer and they accept a engorgement of rewards: experience, Stardust, Rare Candy, Fast and Charge TMs, Golden Razzberries.

Raid bosses constraint encounters have a following features:

  • appear as Level 20 (Level 25 if increased by weather) Pokémon
  • have good smallest guaranteed IVs: 10 ATK / 10 DEF / 10 STA
  • you constraint them regulating Premium Balls and berries

GO Hub has a ton of raid guides that are simply permitted by acid a website.

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Community Day events

In further to all above, Pokémon GO now has a monthly Community jubilee patrician Community Day. Each Community Day facilities a following:

  • a special Pokémon that spawns in high number
  • an disdainful pierce for that special Pokémon, schooled by elaborating a Pokémon
  • a glossy form for a Community Day Pokémon

Community Day events are always popular, generally when a renouned Pokémon is featured during a event. At a time of this writing, a subsequent Community Day Pokémon is Larvitar, and a approaching disdainful pierce is Smack Down.

Larvitar Community Day
Larvitar Community Day

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Also, Trainer Tips has an overwhelming video for returning players, be certain to check it out!

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