Guerrilla Games Hirings May Point Towards Horizon Zero Dawn 2 on PS5

Perhaps one of a best surprises of a stream console era was a strange Horizon Zero Dawn, an open-world action-adventure diversion from Amsterdam-based Guerilla Games, best famous for their work on a Killzone franchise. Many didn’t primarily compensate it many attention, yet a diversion demanded that they start when it launched to widespread acclaim and enterprise for a supplement was born. Now, an ongoing employing debauch seems to indicate towards Horizon Zero Dawn 2 ramping adult a growth for an contingent recover on what could be a PS5.

A supplement to Aloy’s journey has flattering many always been a given, what with a considerable vicious and blurb success of Horizon‘s entrance entry, yet there’s ascent justification that a plan is now in active development. Guerilla Games, a Sony-owned studio, is now promotion some 16 positions on a central LinkedIn profile. Though we could disagree that these positions competence describe to any arriving project, there are a few hints in a summarized pursuit titles and descriptions that clearly indicate towards a star that impending developers will be operative in.

The many apparent among these hints would be that Guerrilla is looking to sinecure a “(Senior) Vegetation Artist,” yet there are also nods to a unnamed plan braggadocio a “living world” elsewhere. With Horizon Zero Dawn being privately eminent for a sensuous foliage and realistic in-game ecosystem, it seems expected that successful field for these positions will be put to work on a sequel.

Timing is also an critical cause to consider: With a launch of a next-generation PlayStation (PS5) illusive to be in a segment of Holiday 2020, it’s doubtful that a potential sequel would be finished before then. This could meant that Guerilla Games’ followup is entrance to Sony’s new platform—be it exclusively or alongside a obtuse PS4 version—as an early technical showcase.

Obviously there’s no approach of meaningful for certain what’s function behind sealed doors in Amsterdam for now, yet it’s positively intriguing to contemplate what competence distortion forward for Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and a PlayStation 5 formed on this evidence.

[Source: SegmentNext]

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