Griffins Outlast Wolves 5-3

Griffins Outlast Wolves 5-3

Retooled invulnerability plays pivotal purpose in home victory…

By Jason Kasiorek

October 20th, 2018

The Griffins got a boost from a lapse of defensive brave Brian Lashoff and a assignment of Libor Sulak from a primogenitor Detroit Red Wings as they won their second diversion of a deteriorate over a Chicago Wolves 5-3. The home group jumped out to 3-0 lead before a visiting Wolves rallied behind with 3 true goals to tie a game. Veteran Chris Terry pennyless a tie and Matt Puempel killed off a Wolves convene with an dull netter during 19:28, his second total of a game. Grand Rapids got goals from Turner Elson (1), Saarijarvi (1), Terry (2) and Puempel (2,3) in a win. Netminder Harri Sateri done 25 stops on 28 shots for his second win of a season.

The Griffins got off to a good start, personification with a lot of burst and seemed to be assured with Libor Sulak and Brian Lashoff creation their deteriorate entrance on a blueline. Carter camper won a faceoff and slid a puck over to Turner Elson in a slot, Elson chipped it in over Lagace for a 1-0 lead during 6:48. Lagace came approach out of a net to play a lax puck and Givani Smith was right in his face, sketch a throng for some pulling and shoving. The Griffins are peppering Lagace with shots for some reward scoring chances. Newcomer Chris Carlisle boarded a wolves actor with a severe looking strike along a play and several Wolves went over to get a square of him. The Griffins usually finished adult shorthanded for dual minutes, it could have simply been five. Great work on a chastisement kill, gripping a Wolves to a outside. Jake Chelios is an comprehensive beast, restraint shots with impunity. Libor Sulak lugging a puck adult ice drew a call, on a behind chastisement he circled behind and went finish to end, separate a invulnerability and was fouled again as he sealed on a net. Two wolves went to a box giving GR a 5-on-3 powerplay. Saarijarvi with speed carried a puck in low and put a shot net. The miscarry came right behind to him and he attempted to pass it, though it knuckled off a heel of his hang and in over Lagace distant side. Shots on goal: GR 15 – Chi 9.

The home group kept a feet on a gas as they extended a lead to 3-0. Puempel one-timed a shot from a round in over Lagace and off a crossbar for a goal. Puempel roughly scored again as he went in on a two-on-one and burned a shot that only strike a Wolves goalie. The waves incited fast as a Wolves renew struck for 3 goals in a 3 notation span. Tynan during a side of a net, banked a shot in off Sateri to start a rally. Brandon Pirri cut a Griffins lead to one a notation after when he sloping a indicate shot past Sateri. Chicago held another mangle when a prolonged cranky ice shot strike Macek’s movement in front and deflected past Sateri to tangle a measure during 3 each. The dumbfounded Griffins managed to regroup and regained a lead a few mins later. Chelios stole a puck and fed Filip Zadina who found Chris Terry. Terry in with speed snuck a wrister past Lagace, low stick-side for his second of a campaign. Big strike by Shine who finished his check along a finish boards. Shots on goal: GR 7 – Chi 12.

Grand Rapids snake-bit on a powerplay early in a third. Terry fanned on a puck in front of a far-reaching open net, afterwards Zadina did a same. Sulak with a large indicate shot on net and a hasten in front for a rebound. The puck squirted to Megan behind doorway for a goal. It was called behind since it was ruled Turner Elson pushed it with his palm to Megan. Dylan mcIlrath pennyless a hang during a line, branch a 2-on-1 into a 2-on-0 though Holmstrom got behind and done an implausible defensive play to mangle it up. Great play and scoring possibility by Givani Smith to drag a puck by a crease, though a large winger only couldn’t get a shot off. Griffins chastisement killers frustrating Chicago as they beget several peculiarity scoring chances and kept a puck low in a Wolves section for many of a powerplay. Zadina removing worked over along a boards, though still battling. Lagace to a dais during 2:26 for a additional skater and put some vigour on a Griffins net. Puempel kick a wolves defender to a prolonged transparent that rebounded off a finish play and banged it into a open net as he was taken down to top a scoring during 5-3. Shots on goal: GR 10 – Texas 7. For a game: GR 32 – Texas 28.


#11 Zadina – #22 Megan – #25 Terry

#15 Elson – #19 Camper – #73 Puempel

#10 Holmstrom – #23 Turgeon – #65 Shine

#54 Smith – #51 Pope- #12 Pope


#18 Brian Lashoff – #9 Saarijarvi

#4 Libor Sulak – #52 McIlrath

#38 Chris Carlisle – #27 Chelios

Starter: #29 Harri Sateri

Backup: #42 Patrik Rybar


#6 Finn

#14 Hamilton

#45 Campbell (Concussion protocol)

#55 Ford (veteran Scratch)


#73 Puempel – #19 Camper – #25 Terry

#11 Zadina – #9 Saarijarvi

#15 Elson – #23 Turgeon – #12 Pope/#10 Holmstrom

#4 Sulak- #10 Holmstrom/#9 Saarijarvi


#15 Elson/#65 Shine – #23 Turgeon

#18 Lashoff – #52 McIlrath

#22 Megan – #51 Yates

#4 Sulak – #27 Chelios


While he still needs a few games to get adult to full speed, a disproportion with Lashoff in was apparent from his initial shift. A relaxing influence, Lashoff slows a diversion down and gives his teammates confidence. There a few improved defensive defenseman in a AHL.

Libor Sulak had a really good game, display off his extensive skating and puck skills. he combined a new dimension to a group with his finish to finish rushes and ability to get behind into position after rushing a puck. He was credited with 2 shots though had several other blocked before they reached a net. At times he looked like an NHL’er personification in a AHL. If he continues to play during such a high level, he will force another demeanour in Detroit (NHL).

While it is too early to chuck him underneath a train yet, Sateri has left a lot to be preferred in a early going of a season. He has been disposed to give adult a integrate of goals once he has given adult a initial as they seem to come in bunches opposite him. While his invulnerability has been reduction than stellar, some-more is approaching of a maestro netminder.

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