GPS Episode 43: What We Want from Nintendo in 2018 and AGDQ

Episode 43 of a gaming podcast, The Gamer Pros Show (GPS), is now live! Since we are still in a really early partial of a year, there isn’t a ton of news to speak about, though there is a lot of speculating to do.

Awesome Games Done Quick is in full pitch for this week and there’s a lot of extraordinary speedrunners putting in their time and bid all for a advantage of a Prevent Cancer Foundation. Jordan is following a eventuality flattering closely and talks about some of a best speedruns he has seen. We’re looking brazen to a few others such as Dishonored 2, Prey, Spelunky, Bloodborne, and more. It’s truly extraordinary to see people dedicate so most time and bid into reckoning out accurately how to master and manipulate video games like this.

In a news, there’s a new contender for a “battle royale” genre that was popularized by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Free-to-play anticipation hero-based shooter Paladins has announced a new mode simply called Battlegrounds. Is this too “on a nose”? Is it ok to iterate off this renouned genre?

In other news, Cyberpunk 2077 shows a pointer of life around a Twitter account, that tweeted for a initial time in 4 years. Xbox Live is also removing a revamp to a feat system, creation things some-more “quest-based” and even adding cosmetic rewards for Xbox avatars.

Fans have been going crazy over an purported Nintendo Direct that is ostensible to take place this week. We haven’t gotten any genuine sum on this, though there are hints sparse around Amazon listings, Twitter, and Reddit posts. As a categorical topic, we speak about what we wish from Nintendo in 2018. They had such a illusory year in 2017, though will they be means to keep adult a momentum? We have some thoughts.

We wish we suffer a show. Thanks for listening!

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