God Of War Sure Has Been Getting A Lot Of Patches

This has been function a lot.

God of War is a really good diversion that has been removing an rare series of pretension updates. The PS4 disdainful launched on Apr 20 and in a initial 11 days of recover has been updated 8 times.

The many new patch, that upgraded a diversion to chronicle 1.17, was expelled on Friday, finale a strain of updates that had begun with a game’s day one patch, that was numbered 1.10.

Details have been wanting about what these updates do. The “update history” shade on a PS4 lists 1.17 as charity “various bug fixes and improvements.” The same has been a box for updates 1.16, 1.15, 1.14,, 1.13, 1.12 and 1.11. When 1.12 hit, a Sony Twitter comment sloping people off that that refurbish enclosed an choice to boost a game’s content size. Otherwise, it’s been tough to interpret what any of a updates do.

Sony listed some of a things a game’s launch-day 1.10 patch did (as good as some of a things pre-launch rags like 1.01 did). But a daily updates given afterwards have all been described in a vaguest of terms.

All of a post-release updates have been small. The 1.17 patch is 33.89MB and would download over many complicated internet connectors in a few seconds. Applying a refurbish requires a discerning reboot of a game, that is a teenager nuisance to those of us who leave their PS4s in postpone mode between sessions nonetheless is differently not a large hassle.


It’s but surprising for any large new diversion to patch during this near-daily rate. The Feb 2017 PS4 disdainful Horizon Zero Dawn had about a patch a week for a initial few weeks of a existence. The May 2016 disdainful Uncharted 4 also did about a patch a week early on, nonetheless also had several “live updates” sprinkled in that tweaked parameters in a game’s multiplayer mode. Like Horizon, God of War is single-player-only.

We’ve asked Sony about it and haven’t gotten central word about what’s going on yet. If they do, we’ll patch this essay adult to chronicle 1.10.

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