God of War executive says single-player games are here to stay

For many years now, some people have been discerning to explain that single-player games are passed or dying. But we continue to see a recover of glorious and successful titles that miss a multiplayer element, including God of War, whose executive has been pity his thoughts on a matter.

Speaking to IGN, Cory Barlog pronounced that games that offer usually solo practice aren’t in trouble—far from it. “Single-player games are a phoenix during this point,” he said. “We go by a lessen and flow. Games change by a opposite creatives that get concerned and say, ‘I have this crazy idea.'”

The implausible arise of a Battle Royale genre, including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite: Battle Royale, total with diseased sales of titles such as Prey, Dishonored 2, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has disturbed those who cite story-driven, single-player games. But Barlog says they can both exist alongside any other, and that there shouldn’t be a rivalry.

“It’s not about a foe between multiplayer and single-player,” he continued. “It’s not about any of them being alive or dead, right? It is Schrödinger’s cat. We are alive and we are passed during a same time, right? And we will always be that way. And it will be an lessen and upsurge via time.”

As for either Barlog ever intends to work on a multiplayer diversion like PUBG, it sounds like that isn’t going to happen. “I don’t wish to work on any games that don’t have some kind of story member since that is a pull for me,” he said. “Competition doesn’t expostulate me. It’s not to contend that foe is bad, it’s not to contend that rival games are bad since we adore that those that exist, though it’s not my thing.”

Sony announced recently that God of War had turn a fastest-selling PlayStation 4 disdainful to date, carrying sole 3.1 million units within 3 days of a release.

Barlog strike a headlines final month when he posted an emotional video on YouTube, that showed his initial greeting to God of War’s Metacritic score. Seeing it called one of a best games ever expelled on a PlayStation 4 while braggadocio a Metascore of 94 changed him to tears of fun and relief.

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