God of War executive is certain singleplayer will never die

God of War executive Cory Barlog dusty off his tears to speak to IGN recently, where he stood in dauntless invulnerability of singleplayer games. He forked out that even yet he has zero opposite some-more rival gaming, he prefers a aged school.

Barlog reflected on a stream conflict royale bandwagon led by a common suspects – Fortnite and PUBG. Mister God of War concurred their peculiarity and interest though stressed that their recognition doesn’t meant all else only goes away. 

“Competition doesn’t expostulate me”, Barlog said, indicating out that this doesn’t meant foe or some-more rival games are bad, distant from it. However, it’s apparently not his thing.

As for his crater of self-evident tea, Barlog said, “I don’t wish to work on any games that don’t have some kind of story component”. He combined that it’s indeed one of his categorical offered points when meditative about creation a game, with a final God of War maybe being many important example.

Indeed, a God of War, or as it’s mostly mockingly called a Dad of War, is built around such a formidable storyline whose concentration on a romantic aspect stirred many players to disagree it’s not even a Kratos they know and love. Nevertheless, a diversion has already reached violent levels of popularity, so we theory it’s too late anyway. 

Barlog doesn’t even consider a singleplayer vs. multiplayer should be an issue, given nothing of them will be withdrawal any time soon. He even mentioned Schrodinger’s confused cats, perplexing to pull a comparison between both aspects of gaming concurrently being there and not being there.

Sony Interactive EntertainmentThe visuals in God of War are positively monumental

Kratos’ new gig has unequivocally rocked PlayStation 4’s universe and a diversion even became a fastest offered PS4 exclusive ever, outgunning a likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn and a prior record holder, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

If there ever was a fragment of doubt that Kratos and God of War will be withdrawal singleplayer waters for good, afterwards it’s time to set them aside. Also, pardon the occasional joke for Barlog’s crying, it was only so endearing that we can’t stop picking during it.


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