Get Your Guaranteed Legendary Golden ‘Overwatch’ Loot Box Through Twitch



A while ago, a puzzling object was speckled being combined to Overwatch behind a scenes, art for a “golden” rob box, and it had players wondering what it was, and how it was creation a approach into a game.

Now we know.

Overwatch and Twitch have turn best buddies. To “celebrate” a fact that Overwatch was a many noticed new diversion on Twitch in a final year (or rather, here’s a new member of a cross-promotional branding deal), if we have Twitch Prime/Amazon Prime, we are entitled to a giveaway golden rob box that contains one guaranteed Legendary skin. The understanding also includes 5 giveaway simple Overwatch rob boxes in Aug and October, 10 total.

The stairs to get this are flattering easy:

  • Go to this link.
  • Sign adult for or pointer in to Twitch Prime in a corner.
  • Hit a large “claim code” button.
  • Copy it.
  • Go to this link to redeem a code.
  • Open Overwatch.
  • Open box.

While some players might be a bit bummed that this is usually a simple rob box with entrance to usually simple Legendaries (which are honestly a bit seared after some-more than a year), there’s something engaging about a golden rob box. It seems defence to duplicates.



I’ve listened this from other people, and it worked for me too. The golden rob box should give we a Legendary skin that we don’t already have, not gold, and not a little volume of fool bullion for a skin we own. For example, we got Lone Wolf Hanzo, a skin we won’t use (ugh, Hanzo), though one we don’t possess either. Interestingly, nothing of a other 3 items, a feat poise, a mist and an icon, were duplicates either, that is very singular given how most other Overwatch simple rob box crap we possess during this point.

Obviously a $100 a year cost of Twitch/Amazon Prime isn’t value it usually for one skin and some additional rob boxes, though it’s positively a good reward if we already have a service. I’ve had Amazon Prime for years for a giveaway shipping and streaming video, and we related it to Twitch Prime progressing this year when Hearthstone was giving divided a giveaway Priest champion in a identical promotion.

So, go explain your giveaway rob box now, and let me know what Legendary we get.

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