Get your initial demeanour during Mega Man 11’s stupid ‘Balloon Rush’ mode

I’ll give it a go

Things are unequivocally starting to come together in terms of Mega Man 11‘s subordinate modes. A few months behind Capcom kind of usually hinted that a diversion would be positively packaged with them, and given afterwards we’ve usually had a few screens to go off of.

Now interjection to Capcom TV (and ShadowRockZX’s constraint of a module below) we have a clearer thought of what they’ll entail. Today’s new shave involves Balloon Attack, that is being showcased on Fuse Man’s level. The crux is that we need to blow adult blue balloons for a high measure while avoiding red balloons that supplement to your timer — 12 mins and it’s diversion over. As ShadowRockZX astutely points out minibosses and even unchanging enemies are sidelined for this mode. It’s fundamentally all about avoiding environmental hazards and attack as many blue outlines as possible.

While this would routinely be a throwaway mode in other games, we can see myself regulating this to indeed learn a blueprint of any theatre as we try speedrun annals and no repairs runs down a line. Some of a placements of clusters of red balloons are unequivocally crafty and mastering them will make we a straight-up improved player.

[Thanks Jack!]

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