Get your ‘Breath of a Wild’ dress prepared for Halloween

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If you’re looking for a Halloween dress that’s now tangible though not totally played out, I’d like to humbly advise looking to Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild. The best video diversion of a year (don’t @ me, Destiny fans) is renouned adequate that everybody will get it, though not so recently expelled that there will be 30 other Links during your Halloween party.

ThinkGeek has we lonesome with officially-licensed Zelda rigging for all of your Halloween needs. If you’re sauce adult as Link, we can’t go wrong with a champion’s tunic. While it might not uncover monsters’ health, we will be immediately famous as a Hylian champion. The tunic is prolonged sleeved that does remove it flawlessness points, though Oct is (typically) cold and this approach we can wear it all autumn long, not only on Halloween. Just hurl adult a sleeves and covering it over this sweater depicting Link’s armbands and hood for combined flawlessness and warmth.

What’s a champion though his tools? You substantially shouldn’t try to defense roller on this Traveler’s Shield, though it does have some useful perks that a in-game defense doesn’t. It doubles as a trek (or candy receptacle), that is substantially a small some-more practical. You can also stone a Sheikah Slate on your hip only in box there was any doubt that you’re a favourite of legend. This one is indeed a cover — handy for jotting down all a numbers you’ll be removing since your dress is so cool.

If you’re a Zelda OG, we can still get a iconic immature tunic. There’s even a romper chronicle since of march a ladies dress has gotta be voluptuous *commence hulk eye roll.* Unfortunately ThinkGeek doesn’t batch a Master Sword and Hylian Shield anymore though we know Amazon has all so we can try there.

There’s still time to sequence your officially-licensed Legend of Zelda dress for this Halloween. No guarantees you’ll find a princess, though you’ll really win some dress contests.

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