Get Powered Up With This Limited Edition Mega Man Bicycle

Mega Man 2
(Photo: Khodaa Bloom)

The 30th anniversary of Mega Man is underway, and we’ll be celebrating with a array of games this year, including several Mega Man X titles, a stirring Mega Man Legacy Collection two-pack for Nintendo Switch, and, obviously, Mega Man 11. But in a meantime, loyal revolutionary fans of a array can commemorate a anniversary in a opposite approach – with a bicycle.

That’s right, a group over during Khodaa Bloom has constructed a special singular book Mega Man bicycle that encapsulates a suggestion of a classical 8-bit array in bicycle form. And, for good measure, we can get a relating jersey to go along with it, in box we feel like display off your Mega Man colors.

“This time, Khodaa Bloom, Inc. Wave One will recover a bucket bike and cycle wear of partnership pattern commemorating a 30th anniversary of Capcom’s movement diversion (Rockman),” a association remarkable on a product page.

As partial of a special Rockman Racing promotion, a group explained, “A fictitious group that started in decoration of a 30th anniversary of Rockman. It is a special plan launched by Coder Bloom and Wave One with a keyword ‘Racing group that exists in a universe of Rockman.’ We insincere a highway competition where a 3 teams of Rockman, Bruce and Forte competed for running, and combined a new universe perspective joining a diversion and a cyclist. Although it is a fictitious team, equipment grown by mixing Japan’s heading Coder Bloom and Wave One tags can be used for high-performance, high peculiarity and tangible racing.”

The bike facilities a singular painting and indication number, along with a plain blue support and informed E and 1up icons placed all over a bike, along with a word “ROCKMAN” in plain white lettering.

Mega Man
(Photo: Khodaa Bloom)

That said, however, it will cost we if we feel like importing it. The cost translated from yen to dollar goes for around $2,700, and that’s only for a bike itself. The jerseys will cost we a small bit more. And keep in mind that a cost doesn’t embody shipping.

Mega male 3
(Photo: Khodaa Bloom)

Still, if you’ve got a few dollars to spend – and we feel all “powered up” by a disturb of bicycle roving – afterwards this float competence only be for you.

Otherwise, keep an eye out for several Mega Man games creation their approach for squeeze this year.

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