Get a bucket of Mega Man 11’s English voice expel so far

For name Robot Masters and a core cast

The Mega Man series has a really inclusive story of awful outspoken performances. It hosted a barbarous “Elmer Fudd Dr. Light,” as good as “WHAT AM we FIGHTING FORRRRR,” and “so you’re a large cheese!” Mega Man 11 seems to mangle that curse.

Capcom has supposing representation voicework for a horde of characters, including all 4 suggested Robot Masters, Mega Man, Dr. Light, Roll, Rush, and Dr. Wily. None of it sounds bad, and a bosses privately have only a right volume of stay to them to make them engaging — they’re mostly articulate during conflict after all. Fuse Man yelling “prepare to diode” is fundamentally all I’d ever wish out of trainer banter.

You’ll find a favourite voicework on a “about” page, and there’s a tiny couple to a Robot Master territory nearby a bottom. Click any of them and it’ll move we into their possess alighting page. Mega Man 11 is still due on Oct 2 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

About [Mega Man 11] Thanks Rick!

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