Generation 3 Pokemon clearly reliable for ‘Pokemon Go’ Halloween event

The weeks following a entrance of a Generation 2 Legendaries in a universe of Pokemon Go have been rather quiet. Save for an eventuality centered around a tumble equinox, Pokemon Go players simply haven’t been given most to do, yet it’s commencement to demeanour like that’s going to change when a Halloween eventuality starts this month.

Over a weekend, Niantic rolled out an refurbish for Pokemon Go featuring bug fixes and opening updates. But as shortly as a APK done a approach online, members of The Silph Road village tore into a code and found mixed changes heading them to trust that a initial Generation 3 Pokemon will be in a diversion soon.

For a initial time, sound files for a cries of Gen 3 Pokemon have seemed in a APK for v0.79.2 of a game. These are a sounds that we hear when we confront a Pokemon in a wild. Sound files for each Pokemon adult to #386 (Deoxys) have been added, that means that each Pokemon cry from Gen 3 is now in a formula of Pokemon Go. Plus, a new badge called “BADGE_POKEDEX_ENTRIES_GEN3” has seemed as well.

In further to a Gen 3 formula changes, there is also a new nomination for “HALLOWEEN_2017,” as good as a new entrance called “mapHalloweenNightMusic,” implying that a arriving Halloween eventuality might underline a possess special music. A new Lavender Town night thesis record seems to behind this up. It’s reasonably spooky, if we forgot.

And finally, there’s a Halloween-themed dash screen, featuring several Pokemon from a third era games, Ruby and Sapphire. If this isn’t adequate to remonstrate you, I’m not certain anything from a datamine will be:

Image Source: The Silph Road

Niantic has yet to strictly announce a Halloween event, yet we’re still dual weeks divided from a holiday. Expect a blog post early subsequent week with sum about a event, yet we’ll have to wait and see if a developer is prepared to deliver a Gen 3 Pokemon publicly, or if they’ll be a poorly-kept tip for a event.

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