Gen 3 Showcases A Problem With ‘Pokémon GO’ Moving Forward


Pokemon GO

I can’t assistance though notice a greeting to Gen 3’s attainment with a few spook forms in Pokémon GO’s Halloween eventuality has been a bit muted. Perhaps that’s usually since it’s usually a handful of Pokémon to locate (I got a 3 new families in roughly a initial 8 mins of a event), though we also have a unctuous guess it has to do with something else.

If Pokémon GO thinks a answer to re-engaging over players or gripping people logging in is usually new generations, we consider they’re going to be in for a bold awakening.

The problem is that Pokémon GO stared with an iconic bottom of 150 (well, 143ish) Pokémon that were famous worldwide from a Red and Blue days. Those games sole 32 million copies, and spawned other crazes like a collectible label games and a charcterised series. They are a categorical reason that Pokémon GO attracted 500 million downloads in a initial place, distant some-more than any Pokémon diversion has ever sole (or all of them combined), since A) a diversion was singular and B) many of these Pokémon were discernible icons adult there with Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi or any of Nintendo’s other noted characters.

But while a ubiquitous open competence all commend Pikachu, Charmander, Dragonite, Eevee, Squirtle and their brethren, now we’re relocating into eras where a Pokémon are…less of famous quantities to anyone who competence have left a array or mislaid lane of it in a final 15 years or so. Yes, games like Ruby and Sapphire, Black and White, X and Y and Sun and Moon have sole 15-16 million copies each, as well, though that’s half of a original, and many of these Pokémon are usually not a icons that their predecessors were.


Pokemon GO

So while strange downloaders were happy to locate Bulbasaur and Meowth and develop Charizards and Gyarados, I’m not certain if that same unrestrained is going to be there for a likes of Zigzagoon and Nosepass and Sableye in Gen 3, Roserade and Vespiquen and Hippopotas in Gen 4 and so on. Sure, there are many Pokémon players who can design a Pokémon we usually talked about, though for many who mostly associate Pokémon with a strange 150, or during most, a subsequent 100 in Gold and Silver, these competence as good be Digimon for all a memories they evoke. Constantly expanding into generations of Pokémon that many infrequent players have never listened of competence keep a hardcore bottom though everybody else is going to continue to skip a diversion if they usually commend a handful of new Pokémon in each cluster of 100-150 that debut.

For starters, we consider Pokémon GO should substantially delayed down with generational releases for a while. We are on gait to have all 7 generations of Pokémon extrinsic into GO in 3 years, if this stream recover gait continues. It’s taken Nintendo 20 years to do a same thing.

Rather, Pokémon GO would be improved off focusing on a core of a diversion itself. Making certain that GO is some-more than usually stuffing a Pokedex, though that there are discernible fun things to do in a game, hurdles to take on, goals to accomplish. That can take many forms. Raids were a good start, though this is a diversion that needs a revamped conflict systems, NPCs, quests, an endgame that is some-more than stacking as many copies of legendaries as we can. These are priority issues that transfer 150 new Pokémon into a diversion usually doesn’t solve.

Niantic has large skeleton for Pokémon GO, recently divulgence that they wanted a diversion to final 20 years, as prolonged as Pokémon itself has been around. I’m not going to boot that as impossible, though we do consider it’s going to take a change in priorities to make that happen, and so far, actual, discernible improvements to a diversion are relocating during a snail’s pace.

Gen 3 will positively make a lot of Poke-fans happy, though new generations will not do most for a millions of people who downloaded a diversion primarily on a strength of a strange 150. we would rather be regulating 6 core Pokémon to finish engaging and fun hurdles in GO than we would throwing 500 new monsters. “Gotta locate ‘em” all competence be a series’ motto, though elementary collection was not what done a games fun. Yet, that seems to be GO’s only idea right now.

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