Gen 3 Pokémon Are Confirmed For Pokémon GO’s Halloween Event


Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO fans have been speculating that Niantic competence use a nearing Halloween eventuality to launch Gen 3, and now that’s been reliable according to new wallpaper art from a game.

Extracted via a datamine of a many new patch, a art shows a array of Gen 3 Pokémon that are going to be partial of a “Lavender Town” themed Pokémon GO Halloween eventuality that should be announced shortly.

The Gen 3 Pokémon featured in a design are:

  • Dusclops
  • Shuppet
  • Bannette
  • Duskull
  • Sableye

Two of those are in a same family (Duskull evolves into Dusclops, Snuppet evolves into Bannette), so that’s 3 trees sum from what we can tell here. Despite a hype about Gen 3 nearing in a Halloween event, what we do not know is if it’s a full register of Gen 3 Pokémon, or maybe usually a “spooky” preference instead.

Gen 2 had a soft-launch when a babies arrived good before a full launch of all a rest of a Pokémon. That wasn’t terribly well-received by a community, though it’s probable that competence be a box here. Niantic competence have schooled their lesson, and we competence be removing a full-on Gen 3 launch after all. Still, it’s too early to say. The new datamine says that some-more or reduction all a Gen 3 information has been put into a diversion during this point, so it’s usually a matter of Niantic pulling a trigger.


Gen 3

Gen 3 will dump a lot of new Pokémon into a game, some-more than Gen 2 did, and arguably a improved collection with some-more well-designed strange Pokémon that have fewer standalones and no evolutions of Gen 1 or 2 Pokémon. There’s a lot of strange things in there, and we have to trust that it’s going to inject some much-needed life into a diversion for a while, even if other issues with GO remain.

I usually don’t know if Niantic will do a full launch for Halloween or not. Last year, Gen 2 was a possess apart launch, not directly tied to a holiday, so we can see this as a hype-generator with a few Pokémon, afterwards Gen 3 is expelled after in Nov or Dec finish with raid trainer rotations and other changes, that is what we creatively predicted. Or we competence be totally off-base and Niantic recognizes that what a diversion needs right this second is way, approach some-more Pokémon for players to locate in a furious before it starts removing totally frozen in their region.

Given that all of this is leaking right now, we would design some central acknowledgment about a Halloween event, and what accurately it will contain, in brief sequence here. They can usually let conjecture run furious for so prolonged before they endorse that A) usually a few Gen 3 Pokémon are display adult early or B) this is a full-on Gen 3 launch, that are dual really opposite things.

Gen 3 aside, we like a “Lavender Town” thesis of a event, and a datamine shows that a famous low-pitched measure from a city will be operative a approach into a diversion for a holiday, that has stayed with me given we was a kid.

As for Gen 3, it’s coming, in some capacity, that most is clear, though hopefully we’ll learn some-more about a range of a launch shortly enough.

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