Geguri to turn initial womanlike aspirant in Overwatch APEX

Ex-EHOME Spear actor Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon has sealed with ROX Orcas, a classification reliable to ESPN. Barring variable complications, a 18-year-old veteran gamer will be a first-ever womanlike to contest in OGN Overwatch APEX, one of a world’s many prestigious Overwatch tournaments.

OGN APEX final shows a guarantee of Overwatch

If we tuned in to a stirring OGN Apex final final weekend, we got a spit-polished glance of what a pro Overwatch stage can achieve. Can a arriving Overwatch League strech a same heights?

  • Sources: Blizzard to supplement Team EnVyUs as Austin-Dallas Overwatch League rep

    Team EnVyUs, a winners of Overwatch APEX Season 1, will get a mark in a up-and-coming Overwatch League, sources tell ESPN. A understanding between EnVyUs and Blizzard Entertainment is scarcely finalized.

  • “I entered ROX given we wanted to serve my knowledge and play with a organisation again,” she told ESPN.

    Geguri done worldwide headlines in Jun 2016 when she was poorly indicted of aimhacking in an central tournament. Suspicion was triggered given she was “too good”; her rodent pointing shown on promote had been so well-developed that many viewers undisguised refused to trust it was humanly possible. The debate held on glow quickly, and her compare opponents escalated a conditions by earnest to retire from Overwatch if Geguri was clean. One quite angry member even threatened to revisit her residence with a blade in hand.

    In response to a allegations, Geguri livestreamed her play within a monitored studio setting. And as shortly as her skills were put on show, all claims were conclusively disproved; her aim, quite on Zarya, simply was that good. On that same day, Blizzard Entertainment Korea also alone reliable that she had not been hacking. Geguri became an general favourite overnight, and large hype mounted for her veteran future.

    Unfortunately, Geguri has given unsuccessful to grasp most in orderly play. EHOME Spear never even managed to strech second-division APEX Challenger, let alone first-division APEX, until a still disbandment in Jun 2017. Joining ROX Orcas competence be a biggest impulse of her pro career so far, and Geguri will be inspired to infer her value anew.

    Fortunately, ROX has drawn Group C, a least-competitive organisation of this APEX season. While a Orcas were not a clever organisation even by APEX Challenger standards, in this organisation they might have a fighting chance. A pivotal cause for a success will be how good Geguri can perform on Zarya, her best hero, who has finally returned to a rival meta.

    “It hasn’t been prolonged given I’ve started to play a organisation diversion again, so yes, there really is a lot of pressure,” Geguri said. “[But] my idea this deteriorate is to strech a quarterfinals, and we will be operative hard.”

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