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With there being a Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, and given few of The Walking Dead games are shooters, maybe it’s time we saw a supplement to a Walking Dead Survival.

What can be combined to a supplement is a lot some-more additional weapons; bigger story mode; as good as for a initial time a multiplayer mode that would offer many maps and modes, some of that we could work in a group with other players and others against. we would even like to see certain characters from a other games make a guest coming around a crossover what if scenario, like Clementine and other survivors from Seasons 1 and 2.

Maybe even Lee Everett could make a tiny cameo coming as a crossover to give fans of a other Walking Dead array a reason to wish to play a supplement to Survival Instinct, and to also get into a Survival Instinct series.

Also, I’d adore to see Activision chose to make a Survival Instinct 2 and offer to join army with Telltale Games or clamp versa to make something like this happen, that would be a really good news for The Walking Dead Fans.
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GC: Survival Instinct is one of a misfortune games we’ve ever played, it has a 32 on Metacritic, and a developer immediately went bust after creation it. You might be a usually chairman in a universe that wants a sequel. On a certain side, Payday developer Overkill is operative on a new initial chairman shooter set in The Walking Dead and it’s due out this year.

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