Gamasutra – How Guerrilla focussed a manners to spin Horizon into a 4K …

Digital Foundry has posted a fascinating interview with Horizon Zero Dawn developer Guerrilla Games that sum how a studio combined one of a PS4 Pro’s many considerable 4K titles. 

What’s quite engaging about Horizon is that Guerrilla didn’t indeed emanate a true, local 4K experience. Instead, a studio found a approach to scale adult a game’s local 1080p outlay to 2160p on a PlayStation Pro. 

Of course, a finish product is so sharp, so good discriminating that it’s roughly unfit to tell that a diversion is something of a fortitude renegade. But how and because did a studio hook a manners to such good effect? 

Well, according to Guerrilla’s principal tech engineer, Giliam de Carpentie, it was a preference borne out of neccessity.

“We have a clever concentration on anti-aliasing so whatever technique we wanted to use for carrying 4K digest also indispensable to be during that same quality,” explains de Carpentier. “And apparently a PS4 Pro is a lot some-more absolute than a customary PS4, yet digest [4K] natively would have been too many to ask, perhaps.”

The group did give local 1500p digest a shot, yet a formula were churned during best. And after copiousness of other unsuccessful experiments, they finally motionless to use a tradition doing of checkerboard rendering, that involves digest half of a pixels for a 2160p frame, while a other half are pulled from a prior frame.  

“We resolved for us [that] it done clarity to go for a process of digest that gave us a many fact — because interestingly adequate even yet we usually describe 50 per cent of a pixels on any frame, after dual frames we do get a fact level, yet not per se a same sharpness as [native] 4K,” continues de Carpentier. 

“There are maybe ways to also do that yet we concentration especially on a detail, so compared to maybe a unequivocally severe or a unequivocally purify 4K local digest of a CG stage we theory a diversion doesn’t have that same crispness, yet afterwards again if we demeanour during a standard 4K film it doesn’t have that compactness either.”

To find out some-more be certain to check out a full talk over on Digital Foundry (via Eurogamer).

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