From Rocket League to Horizon: Zero Dawn – Get Ready for Glory as 100 New Game Saves Join a Xploder Cheat …

Over 200 Games Now Supported! Plus: GTA “Godmode” CheatSave

The latest turn of new saves joins a ever-growing list of upheld games – including titles from a biggest series’ in gaming such as Resident Evil and Assassin’s Creed. See a full list during  

All lie saves will let we now entrance 100% diversion progress, while others will do that and most more! Tired of spending hours on GTA V’s singular actor mode? Our Godmode CheatSave not usually unlocks 100% completion, though throws in limit ability level, all weapons, tonnes of ammo and a billion dollars in-game currency! Over to you….

Features Summary


  • Includes online database of diversion saves with present downloads
  • Supports EU, US and Japan formed saves
  • Automatically downloads a latest diversion saves and upheld games
  • Works with a latest firmware
  • No modifying / modifying of your PS4
  • You won’t get criminialized from PSN
  • Free UK formed support team
  • Free program updates


Start unleashing your games’ full intensity now – Xploder is accessible as an present digital download from


For some-more information and a latest news, follow us on Twitter @Xplodercheats, and on Facebook during .

For all PR inquiries greatfully contact: [email protected]


About Xploder

Xploder is a elementary to use complement for downloading games saves from a collection of over 100 PS4 games. Once downloaded, we can bucket a saves now on to your PS4 to clear levels, now burst to 100% diversion progress, give yourself limit income and ammo and most most more! Our database is updated weekly and a saves are accessible during a click of a symbol (gone are a days of spending hours of difficult sport turn for saves online).

Xploder works with all of a latest games (including GTA 5) and is even concordant with a latest PS4 updates and works with PSN. Xploder has been around given a PS2 epoch (and is from a makers of Game Shark).


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